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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Accolades" for mayor Daniels from Mexico

Someone wrote this in comments:
In Mexico for the holiday and ran into someone from Michigan on the Wednesday after the transit center voted down. When I told them I was from Troy, the man (an atty from Farmington) asked me "what the heck is wrong with Troy?" Then proceeded to tell ME about the transit debacle. He said it was on CNN and BBC tv in Mexico. He then shared what info he knew about our mayor and her antics. I didn't think it possible to be MORE embarrassed than I already was of being from Troy. After that my 16 yr. old son told people he was from "the Detroit area." I am now fully convinced my property values are in serious jeopardy and I will have to consider that investment sooner than later.


  1. The Atlantic also thinks Troy's mayor is pretty dumb…

    or via Troy Patch…

  2. How sad that our town is now the poster child for stupidity and bigotry. I too was out of town and got questions like that from friends and family members. The most unanswerable one was always, "why would a city council turn down all that money for their own city? Are they crazy?"

    Sadly, I think so. I mean, how else can you explain such politically inept, suicidal behavior? Do Fleming, Henderson and Tietz think they have a political future after this? (Queen bigot Daniels is toast no matter what, but these other council members still had a little cover--"hey, even we didn't know she was so bad, right?"). Now, they're liable for making an indefensible civic decision and imagine trying to run for another office with that nugget of wisdom on your resume--"Vote for me and I'll find more ways to encourage disinvestment in your district!"

    Won't matter anyway. All four will be simultaneously recalled, as they have now galvanized anger so thoroughly. Enjoy your next few months, kids. That's all the time in office you will have.

  3. Governor Snyder endorsed the transit center and is in favor of building another transit center in the Oakland county area. Because we did not accept the federal money, will the money will come from state taxpayers? Did Troy city council burden the state taxpayers with this cost now? Is this possible?