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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why are people mad about the Troy Transit Center?

The main reason so many people are angry about Troy's Transit Center plan, I believe, is because they were lied to about it for so long by political ideologues in Troy who claimed that Troy taxpayers were footing the bill for the whole thing. Who are those liars? Janice Daniels, for one.
The federal government is chipping in $8.5 million of the nearly $9 million funding, but you wouldn't know that if you'd read anything written by Troy Citizens United, the group our illustrious Tea Party Mayor Janice Daniels fronted for the past two years.
Proof is here, from an anti-library mailer they sent out in October of 2010. It claims that instead of funding the library the city was wasting $9.4 million on the library. 
Some of the new council members may STILL believe this. Dave Henderson was still claiming this nonsense this summer!

FYI, every one of the points in this clip is untrue -- all of the items had been moved to the general fund long before this TCU flier was written. They just made these numbers up!

On TCU's website TODAY they continue to claim that Troy has spent millions on the Transit Center:

Here is the portion of the city hall documents that shows where the vast majority of the funding is coming from. 

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