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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Who Are You?

In the past three elections, there were NUMEROUS mailers from Troy Citizens United.

Most were rife with misspellings, inaccuracies, and glowing support of their past antics.

This election, there are NO mailers from Troy Citizens United. None that I've seen. Not one.

But there ARE numerous mailers with misspellings, inaccuracies and glowing support of past TCU antics.

Why would this happen? Why would they suddenly go silent?

Here's what I think: TCU ran unopposed for voice to counter-act or rebel against their misspellings, inaccuracies and glowing support of their past antics.

And then there was another voice.

-- That voice countered their rhetoric with sincerity, integrity and information
-- That voice saved the library
-- That voice mobilized an army of residents ready to work not for a person or an ideology, but for A CITY...A COMMUNITY...A SHARED VISION.

That voice took away the power of TCU. We took their audience, and so they had to figure out a way to pretend their numbers are growing, their support burgeoning.

Instead, we have the same wolf in different clothing.

You may have already received some pretty libelous and negative political mailings from any number of interesting sounding political groups -- Troy Voter Guide, Mothers Againist (seriously...not once, but twice on a mass mailing, they spelled "against" wrong?) Drugs in Troy and more. Don't be fooled: these are TCU supported efforts.

They cannot speak for themselves with their own voice because it's no longer respected, trusted or valid.

Continue to raise YOUR voice now. Let's keep the conversation going...the one to advance issues and information to bring about positive change in Troy.

Let's Save Beltramini, Bloomingdale, Campbell and Yashinsky.

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