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Saturday, November 19, 2011

'We had a moderate who was going to run for the mayor's office -- and that's a tragedy!' -- Janice Daniels

Janice Daniels on Blog Radio
She tells us
  • she is "mainstream"
  • she belongs to several Tea Parties
  • Moderates are horrible
  • her supporters were from the Tea Party
  • she IS the citizen legislator that the Founding Fathers envisioned
  • she loves the police (do they believe that?)
  • people are trying to recall her (who?)
  • the Left believes people are stupid, and they want to destroy our schools and make people stupid
  • Indoctrination of children with Marxism and Communism is a problem because we allow 1970s radicals to become university professors
  • she agrees with the host is right that The Left's full time job is destroying this country
  • She wants Michael Ross to speak before council on his work with intact families because, "I want to use this new role I have to promote the healthy aspects of society."
  • 41:11 Pictures of her in the media were hideous (!)
  • The Left subscribe to Karl Marx and his belief that the ends justify the means (wrong, it was Machiavelli)
  • Biggest goal is to reconfigure our understanding of government, and desires to make changes nearby and in the state and country
  • She is very active in the Tea Parties
  • 53:35 - "The Tea Party is maturing, educating itself growing and a force of goodness and kindness and god-fearing love for this country. We're not radicals. We are quietly going to restore this country to its constitutional basis."
  • Host would have slept better if Sarah Palin won the presidency and fixed our country
  • She is impressed with Sarah Palin's mental tenacity, charm, vitality
Listen for yourself:

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  1. Ms. Daniels seems to think she was crowned not elected. That she thinks she can take the mayors office and continue this ideological ranting and not be called out on her own words is naive at best and injurious to this city at worst. This frames everything about her and her agenda/belief system. Tea Partiers calling everyone Marxist and Communist is getting old. Acting like they are the only ones that love the Constitution or God is getting ridiculous. Watch her own supporters start to distance themselves from her in a heck of a hurry with this behavior. She should have gone to the library and found some books by Dale Carnegie regarding winning friends... but then that would mean actually setting a toe in the library and reading something outside of the echo chamber in which she resides. Sadly, she doesn't seem to give a rip, which is really scary.

  2. “My ideas are so mainstream, constitutionally speaking, that they’re opposed to my ideas. It’s them that are the radicals, not me.”

    She's not a radical; she's mentally deranged.

  3. After listening to this, I'm dismayed at Janice's attitude towards those who disagree with her.

    First, she states that to be moderate is a "tragedy" or, worse yet, a "liberal in hiding," yet goes on to claim that government should not be used to prevent other points of view being presented.

    But at the very first council meeting she decided that Dave Wisz is an "expert" and should be allowed to give his opinion on the transit station! Is Janice going to allow an actual expert to speak?

    Next, she states that the proper role of government is to "protect the people" but doesn't really say what that means! The government can "protect" people from joblessness by infrastructure construction and repair. Therefore, Janice should be in favor of the transit center because it will employ people in Troy! Or is that not what she means when she uses the word "protect"?

    Further, she claims that there is a recall drive has started against her, yet provides no facts to back up her claim!

    Finally, and most frightening, Janice believes that tea party has the only "proper" understanding of the Constitution and her job as Mayor is to restore the Constitution to its "original" meaning.

    That attitude is utterly undemocratic! By claiming that SHE understands the Constitution "properly," dissenting views need not apply, as they are simply wrong!

    She hasn't been in office for a week and she's already acting like a typical politician, name calling, lying, dismissing opposing points of view, and handing out political favors.

    Janice said that she thinks of being mayor like managing a business; It's her job to keep the customers "happy."

    This customer is unhappy because we were sold a defective bill of goods!

  4. Why did the host keep saying that Robin would have run unopposed for mayor if Janice had not run? Did Janice tell him that? Three people filed petitions for the job: Janice, Robin, and Mary Kerwin. Mary only dropped out to prevent splitting votes in a three-way race.