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Monday, November 21, 2011

Troy Mayor Janice Daniels thinks our City Charter is a "WHIMSICAL DOCUMENT!"

From today's Free Press. Troy Tea Party Mayor Janice Daniels refuses to take an oath to uphold Troy City Charter:
Daniels said she made the change because "I didn't think it was appropriate to take an oath to the city charter," which she called "a whimsical document that changes with the opinions of the City Council."
Read the article here

See Sue's information about the oath here.


  1. Oh my. Changes to the City Charter must go to a vote of the people. Not exactly an exercise in "whimsy".

  2. Whimsical is an adjective with two meanings, the first being "playfully quaint or fanciful, esp. in an appealing and amusing way." The second is "acting or behaving in a capricious manner."

    So Janice thinks that the Charter is either amusingly strange or somehow impulsive.

    Why doesn't Janice understand that the charter is what grants her the power of the office?

    Section 3.8(d) of the Troy Charter: "Except as may be required by statute, the Mayor shall exercise only such powers as this charter or the Council shall specifically confer upon him."

    Is Janice ignorant of the fact that the power of her office is limited to the specific grants contained in the charter? Or does she simply not care?

    Either way, Janice has demonstrated that she has no respect for the law.

  3. I find that statement of hers so ironic considering that the last change I recall was spearheaded by HER and the TCU.

  4. How can the person who fought to be elected to the office that holds the responsibility for upholding our local governments charter/laws governing our community be so disrespectful of that document. Her willingness now to publicly own her Tea Party connection (in a job that is supposed to be NON-PARTISAN) is concerning. When the Tea Party espouses their goal for limited government, does that mean that Ms. Daniels will set about the dismantling of our charter? She has already stated that she didn't take the oath because she didn't agree with it. So what is the end game here? I fear a running of a playbook starting with this topic. The library was just a fly buzzing around Tea Party/TCU that they had to deal with or use to get to the good stuff: transit center, charter, staff, police and who knows what else.

  5. Sue, that's what I was thinking as I was reading that article.

  6. When asked on a radio blog about our manager/council form of government, she said they each have a vote, but she has the final voice!!!!

  7. I am not at all shocked by this I am sorry to say. When only 20% of the voting population in Troy gets out to vote, this is what can happen. Perhaps next time we will get more voters to the polls in an election. People tend to lay back and let government run itself and now we are seeing how such a thing can go wrong. Daniels does not represent the majority of people in Troy, she is revealing herself to be such a buffoon. It does make for good TV at the city council meetings.