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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The sophisticated TCU/Janice Daniels reason for giving $8.2 million BACK?

Why should Troy cancel the transit center project and give $8.2 million back to the state and federal governments and let some other town benefit from that money?
Don't you worry. TCU has our economic and business concerns at heart.
Why just look how very refined, strategic and sophisticated their thinking is.
From TCU's Facebook page, written by their moderator no less. Janice Daniels, is that you?


  1. Of course, should you not want to drive to Chicago or you're not able to drive to Chicago, well what freedom is that.

    Besides, does Troy really want to be left out of the mass transit revolution -- just like the towns that found themselves far from the interstate?

  2. Wouldn't having a choice to take the train or my car be an increase in my freedom?

  3. I would like to have all the people who didnt vote for Beltramini get drug tested.

  4. Taking a bus or an airplane must be a loss of freedom too by TCU logic. Heck, speed limits and traffic lights are a loss of freedom! And you know what? "Giving up" your freedom and taking advantage of any of these modes of transportation is a choice. If you don't want to give up your freedom you can walk nearly wherever you want as long as you stay off the grass.

  5. Having another transportation option is a loss of freedom? Huh?

    But look at the state of fear and paranoia these folks live in. They're afraid of unions striking and they're afraid of terrorists. What else are they afraid of? No wonder they always seem so angry.

  6. Jeff, You are so right. They are always angry and out to prove something. Forget about what is right for Troy.

    I hope the people who elected her are happy!

    Also, the citizens who did not want her elected but were too lazy to vote have only themselves to blame!