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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Robert Outland -- the missing link?

Robert Outland is the link that proves TCU masterminded those three fake library proposals last year.
Robert Outland:

  1. is a friend of anti-tax extremist, TCU supporter Bob Gosselin
  2. circulated a fake library proposal petition in November 2011 (clicky)
  3. donated $1,000 to Troy Voter Guide (endorser of TCU and attacker of other candidates) this campaign season 

Whenever we have accused anyone from TCU of putting the 3 fake library proposals on the ballot last November, an act that muddied the waters and confused voters at the polls, TCU folks look sort of glassy-eyed. They never admit it, but they never deny it. But we don't have to look any further. Our missing link is Robert Outland.

I've written before on the topic, in the post: 

Who are Kathleen O'Laughlin, William Redfield, and Robert Outland?

They were all mentioned in newspaper articles as the people who put the fake proposals on the ballot, yet they would never explain who they were and why they did it. But there Robert Outland is.

And oh, lookee what I just found, Robert Outland is a goooood friend of Bob Gosselin, Troy Citizens United own, behind-the-curtain Wizard of Oz. This is a letter to the editor from Bob Outland.

Gosselin is only candidate with conservative record
 Published: Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Actions speak louder than words. Nowhere is that statement more applicable than in Troy's race for state representative.All four candidates claim to be conservative, but only one actually has a strong record voters can count on. Robert Gosselin voted for income, fuel and property tax cuts. He also actively fought ridiculous spending proposals in Lansing.His actions demonstrate a strong commitment to using my money wisely. That record clearly outweighs the empty words of his opponents.Bob Outland
And now what is mayoral candidate Janice Daniels doing? She's pretending to be the library's biggest backer. But as a spokesperson and leader of TCU, as a person whose recent fundraiser was held at Bob Gosselin's house, as a person who said on October 13, 2010, "In my 21 years of selling real estate I have never once been asked if a city had a world class library or if a city had a library at all when deciding to move into a city.” AND “I would encourage all the citizens of Troy not to be fooled by the emotional [pro-library] rhetoric that is swirling around this town by adults and children alike.” Daniels cannot be trusted to protect our library.

Please do not buy into the TCU's sudden adoration of the library. It is political fakery.
Elect the people who fought to save the library FROM Janice Daniels, Dave Henderson and the TCU.
Vote for Robin Beltramini, Bruce Bloomingdale, Neil Yashinsky and Jim Campbell.

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