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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Past Action Is Prologue

Several times last fall and into the winter, I attempted to have civil discourse with TCU on their FB site.

One of their founders, Janice Daniels, was often part of it. Her posts were randomly sprinkled with patriot speak and rhetoric...and snarky repartee.

But I kept questioning, pushing, asking for clarification. I finally asked one time in February 2011 if I could attend a TCU meeting or talk to one of their members in person. Few would admit to being one.

But one responded.

And that's who wants to be Mayor of Troy.

Shortly after that in March or so, I attended a public engagement session at the Troy Community Center hosted by Councilwoman Maureen McGinnis. Those in attendance took turns speaking and offering opinions on the library issue. Some of us spoke in an attempt to encourage council to put a measure on the ballot to let us vote for once and for all...a simple YES or NO to support the library with a millage.

My statements began, "I know some feel a library isn't important. At a council meeting, one real estate agent told us that no one ever asks about a library..."

And then I was cut-off...rudely interrupted...well, SCREAMED at, actually, by Janice Daniels. She knew the real estate agent to whom I referred, even though I hadn't ever identified that person.

She knew because it was her.

And she didn't like having her words brought back into play.

Several other attendees asked her to be quiet and let me finish. Councilwoman McGinnis shook her head in frustration and said,

"Oh, Janice...every single time this happens..."

But she simply continued to shout me down. At first, I protested..."Let me finish,'s not your turn." But as my voice started to raise, I knew that would be pointless...she wasn't even stopping for breath.

And that's who wants to be Mayor of Troy.

Three months ago, she and I participated in a Town Hall for the library. In her closing statements, she asked those in support of the library if we wanted some "cheese with your whine."

And that's who wants to be Mayor of Troy.

Tonight, on her FB page, I asked a question regarding some of those mailings we're seeing...asked if she supported what's being said in them...the ones from Troy Voter Guide, etc.

She claims that of course not...she had nothing to do with them. And she hopes she can work with me in the future because she knows we all have the best interest of Troy at heart.

I reminded her our past history.

Because she wants to be my mayor...

Your past actions are prologue for the future, Janice.

I will be voting for ROBIN BELTRAMINI FOR MAYOR...because that's who SHOULD be Mayor of Troy.

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