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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Out of Curiosity...

I wonder how many of the voices at the council table or from the podium calling for the very important need for Saturday library hours at the Troy Public Library have actually USED the library in the last...oh...EVER.


  1. Sharon,

    Not only would I love to hear them answer your question, I'm curious to know what's the last book any of them actually read, why they chose it, and if they checked it out of the library.

  2. I would like the question asked of everyone that is making decisions about our library at the council table, if they have a current library card and when the last time they utilized the library. Not including using the library by standing out in front with petitions or campaigning. Prior to the November election, did any one on the council or new mayor take the time to actually sit down with the library director to ask her questions or get information necessary to make promises or decisions about the library; how it runs, the budget, staffing, what its needs are and how they could best help the library, beyond scoring points for a campaign to open on Saturdays? I fear not.
    It is disturbing that people who will make important choices about our city property, staff, services or assets have not actively chosen to learn about those things except within their own sphere of interest; ie staff salaries, no taxes. How many of them prior to running for office went through the Citizens Academy for better understanding of our city departments? Have they taken an active role in the many civic or charitable organizations that make Troy special? I wonder.

  3. When we were talking and hoping the library millage were passed, we made the point that whether you use the library or not, it is a community responsibility. Doesn't matter to me whether they've used the library or not.

  4. Wendy,

    Yes, the library is a community responsibility.

    But whether or not our new council persons have used the library is related to their attitudes about it.

    If the council members use the library with regularity, it reveals that they see it as a valuable (and essential) resource, and are dedicated to preserving it.

    An opinion I frequently encountered while discussing the millage of last August was, "I don't use the library, why should I pay for it?"

    This opinion leads to taking the quality of life in Troy for granted, and results in a failure to recognize that the quality of life in Troy is directly related to city services like the Library.

    I can't think of a more important question when dealing with the funding for the library.

  5. If many members of our local government had entered a library, we probably would not be in this predicament. Also, isn't it interesting that the Mayor has to learn what has taken place on issues, such as why Saturday was the most cost effective day and why the transit center was deemed an asset to the community. I thought she was all knowing!

  6. That's a good point, Wendy.

    For me, I guess it only matters when I hear them talking about what days are better than not to have it open. Of course we ALL want it open all the time...but if you don't use it, I don't see how you could possibly know which day is better and why.

    Honestly, I would be sad to lose a week day/night. I use it a lot on school nights with my children. To me, that's more important than a Saturday.

  7. We've had no trouble adjusting to the library being closed on Saturdays. We use the library a lot during the weekdays in the summer. I'm not sure I would trade a week day for a Saturday.

  8. lly want the library open on Saturdays. I just wish we could trust Mayor Janice Daniels to learn about the budget and understand why it has NOT been open. Also I was distressed that Councilman Doug Tietz implied that if the library director and staff only put a little smart effort into it they could find a way to open the library on the busiest day of the week at no extra cost.
    These people have been so busy BASHING our city government that they never bothered to learn a thing about its budget, its staff and the humans who have worked their asses off to save the library from THEM -- especially Janice Daniels -- she is the single biggest enemy the Troy Public Library ever had.
    Kudos to her as a politician to be swept into office on the very issue she was a complete SCOUNDREL on for two years.
    It boggles the mind (almost as if she has evil, plotting politicians like Bob Gosselin and Glenn Clark behind her).