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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A note to Cristian

No, I didn't post the racist lawyer information. I actually sat on it for a week and decided NOT to use it. It has been swirling around for some time because the person who found it was so wildly disgusted that the mayor of this city wanted this person to sully the council chambers and the city and speak before us. He has made himself an enemy of many, many, many good people. 
It is clear to me his reasons for not being a fan of the transit center have more to do with his "concern" of folks of different races and he doesn't want them to have access to Oakland County more than anything else. He is a Neanderthal.
But here's the deal, it is ALL true. How can you call posting these things he wrote "character assassination?" 
Here's more bad news for you...people want the truth to come out, in Troy. They are quickly learning that the ideologues are not going to be happy simply shaping Troy's future, they seem to want to turn back the clock, force everyone to think like them, tell people how their families should be run, tell them what religion to have and destroy opportunities for growth here in Troy.
I am not the only one who will not stand for it. I believe many people who voted for Ms. Daniels are increasingly dismayed by her behavior and her loose grip on decorum, business practices, community spirit and perhaps mental health.
The cavalry has arrived now, sir. I don't have to be the one to post such unpleasantries. Many others are willing. Good quiet people are alarmed by the craziness and are coming to the rescue.
These posts are true. Just as the comments YOU wrote were true.
p.s. I also had nothing to do with the Gadafy stuff. Saw it. Thought it was bogus. Didn't touch it. 


  1. P. S. Wasn't Sue, either. Gasp...that means OTHER PEOPLE WON'T TAKE THIS CRAP, EITHER?

    Go figure.

  2. Yay! The ANGRY WOMAN CAVALRY is coming!

  3. If he in fact did contribute to her campaign, his invited appearance could be construed as free advertising for his law practice - thus a political payback - so much for transparency she championed

  4. He donated at least $100, according to her Oakland County Clerk filings.
    The cronyism is going to be increasingly problematic.