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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell

I don't understand how people who aspire to public office can keep re-writing reality to suit them...and yet they do.

This today from Dave Henderson:

How many library engagement sessions did you attend this past summer? I attended 3-4 at least, I believe...I've lost count. I know that I never saw Mr. Henderson at one.

But I saw Cathy Russ every single time...and once or twice Philip Kwik was in attendance -- he's the head of Adult Services at the library.

At NO TIME was either Ms. Russ or Mr. Kwik " very confident... we would have restored convenient hours for our library if we passed that tax hike" as Mr. Henderson is trying to say. In fact, the ONLY thing they would ever say about restored hours of any kind was that they WOULD NOT DO ANYTHING like that unless they were sure it could be sustained in the long term.

The LAST THING they wanted was to ramp up hours again only to have to take them away when revenues dropped.

Which leads me to Mr. Henderson's next lie: He says that "
in the library millage promo sessions that I attended, the budget was to be over $ 3 million a year if we passed a .7 mil increase." And Mr. Henderson knows that not only was the BUDGET not to have been over $3 million a year, the millage would not take in over $3 million a year EXCEPT for the very first year. Projections the city uses -- which have been over 90%+ accurate the last decade or longer -- show that the millage will garner $3.1 million this year, and then DROP as our property values city -wide continue to drop. matter what a real estate agent wants to say about how many homes he/she is selling...PROPERTY VALUES have not come up, no are they expected to do so overall throughout the city for years to come. Residential values may see a slight perk-up...but commercial/industrial is still dropping sharply. Think about how many commercial/industrial buildings Troy has...think how many are vacant...that's not going to change overnight.

But I digress...back to the library, we're going to get about $3.1 million dedicated dollars for the library this year, then dip below that for the next 2-3 years running. The plan WAS NOW and ALWAYS HAS BEEN to maintain the budget we have now -- $2.7 million, give or take. Ms. Russ would attempt to replace some much-needed staff. "Surplus" funds would be used to make a ONE-TIME purchase of self check-out machines to ease staffing burdens, increase acquisitions purchasing so the library had new materials now that it was staying open, and to re-up several subscriptions for databases, MELCAT, etc. If there was money left over after that, it could possibly go to start a "savings account" -- in laymen's terms -- for future years when revenues fell short to maintain the mid-level service we had.

I heard that over and over and over...I heard it in public in engagement sessions, I heard it from Cathy Russ in the library, I heard it from Cathy Russ outside of the library, I heard it from city administration, I heard it from Philip Kwik.


But MR. HENDERSON heard something different? And he is to be believed because he wants to be on city council?

I think not.

He who always talks about this "moving target" of a budget might be's moving...IN HIS OWN MIND.

Reminds me of a good joke with many iterations: how do you know when a city council candidate supported by TCU is lying?

Except in this case? The answer is, "WHEN ISN'T HE?"


  1. I also find it interesting that 2 people can attend similar meetings and come back with completely different impressions. I saw the budget handout and the first year was well over $ 3 million. That money was to restore a library, and not one that is closed on the busiest day of the week, so the people that pay our taxes can go to neighboring cities to use their facilities to the tune of $ 3 million a year. Mr. Szerlags projections even with a 90 percent accuracy over the last how many years wasn't accurate this year even. Shortfalls were less than expected... Hmmm. And he projects declines steadily over the next couple years. Industry leaders show a stabilization not a decline. Before you cry liar liar pants on fire, check your industry numbers on real estate locally... oh thats right you're not in the industry relying on a real estate market to put food on your table...


  2. What do your "industry leaders" (read: Dave's sales manager) say about the commercial/industrial property values, Dave?

    Have housing VALUES risen in Troy, Dave? Not sales of homes, not sales prices...VALUES.

    The difference in what you call "impressions" is that I am not in this for political gain. I am now and always have been an interested and passionate citizen with no reason whatsoever to lie, twist or deceive.

    I've gone to Cathy Russ for information. She has no reason to lie, twist or deceive. She has been above board and sincere the entire time, and AT NO TIME did she say the library would be restored to what it had been with a $5.4 million dollar budget...or a $4 million dollar budget.

    At no time was Saturday in the mix. For you to continue to give that mislead voters that they have been somehow's reprehensible.

    For you to even ACT LIKE YOU CARE about that library is the ultimate deception. Shame on you.

  3. Dave I suspect you didn't listen carefully because all you could think was notmymoneynotmymoneynotmymoneynotmymoneynotmymoneynotmymoneynotmymoney
    They CONTINUOUSLY said that this was only enough money to maintain the library at it's current service level.
    You weren't listening.

  4. And you know what irks me most?

    I am 99% sure there was NO BUDGET HANDOUT. Ms. Russ would not have HAD a budget for IF the millage passed. To be 100% sure, I've sent her an e-mail...if she had a document, she'll send it to me. Of course, Mr. Henderson will say it's been altered.

    So I'd like Mr. Henderson to produce his, too.

    What she did share was what she MIGHT do, but I sincerely believe it was not a written document. It was part of her speech/presentation.

    The truth will out. It always does.

  5. Dave,

    The following is from Forecast Chart: publishes forecasts for the trend in home prices in 380 Metropolitan Statistical Areas. The House Price Trend will be either UP or DOWN. The forecast for the trend in the "Warren" housing market for the 12 months ending with the 2nd Quarter of 2012 is DOWN. The Accuracy of the Trend Forecast for "Warren" is 90%. In other words, when tested against historical data, the forecasting methodology was correct 90% of the time.

    Accordingly, estimates that the probability for falling house prices in Warren is "90%" during this period. If this Housing Market Forecast is correct, home prices will be lower in the 2nd Quarter of 2012 than they were in
    the 2nd Quarter of 2011.

    "Warren" is the term used for "Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills, MI"

    Is this what you call stabilization?