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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Library Saturdays

Now that Janice Daniels is trying to become the library's savior, after she personally spent a year and a half trying to shut it down, she and her minions like Dave Henderson are claiming it was ALWAYS a promise that if the library millage was approved in August we would get our Saturdays back. 
Not true. 
Never true.
An article written at the time:

It's amazing how they can make this a political issue, especially when, as anti-library campaigners for over a year, they have absolutely NO standing on this issue.


  1. Henderson is such an uninformed blowhard who contradicts himself so many times it's amazing anyone ever even listens to him.

    I think it would be hilarious for him to win a seat on council and then have the chance to prove to everyone how stupid he really is.

  2. Don't forget that Dave Henderson, in a Facebook forum, actually proposed shutting down the library and replacing it with a "kiosk" in the Community Center. When pressed for how such a venture would work, he got all mad, deleted all his posts, and got his buddy Christian Teodoridis to remove the forum.

    Dave couldn't care less about the library. All he wants is lower taxes for his McMansion on the northwest side of Troy.