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Sunday, November 13, 2011

If you are not a Teapublican, you are a RINO - The world according to Janice Daniels

So after the sad political week I went off to the Henry Ford Museum yesterday for my daughter's Brownie field trip. How great to get away from the politics, right?
Every one of my Facebook friends who saw me gave their condolences on the results of the election. Everyone who brought it up to me was very surprised and displeased by the election, even a very conservative couple I know.
The dad told me that he had seen me in the audience at the Troy candidates' debate that he had watched online. Then, with absolutely no prompting from me, he told me this.
He watched the debate fully intending to vote for Janice Daniels, because she was the "conservative" candidate. But as he watched the debate, he told me, he realized that Janice Daniels, leader in Troy Citizens United and co-founder of the Troy Tea Party, was not a simple conservative. "She's just all about her own ideology" the dad's wife chimed in. He said she seemed to have an odd demeanor and once he heard Robin Beltramini speak it was clear to him that she was the better, smarter and more experienced candidate. He then assured me, after watching the debate, he and his conservative wife quickly decided to vote for Beltramini, NOT Daniels.
Then he turned to me and asked, "What happened? How could she have won?"
I guess the answer I find most logical is that Janice Daniels played "innocent, moderate, library-loving conservative" for the last two months and she fooled a lot of people.
It was so nice of this dad and his wife to tell me what they had learned. Of course, if they hadn't been responsible voters who tried to go beyond the campaign literature, they never would have known the truth.
Now they do. And they are just about as scared of the next four years as I am.
Janice Daniels would no doubt brush her hand through the air and label them "RINOs" (her name for any Republican who doesn't agree with her).
So what can we do?
We can only wait and see what will happen.
Will Janice Daniels be herself and make it clear that if you are not the most extreme, conservative Teapublican, she will do nothing for you while in office?
Or will Janice read the city books, see what trouble our city is in and begin to see city workers as actual human beings? Will she be able to moderate her plans to reflect the real world?
Sadly, as Janice Daniels has made clear over the past two years, "Democracy" is not a word in her vocabulary.
Neither is "moderate."


  1. You do realize that RINO is not a term that Janice came up with?

  2. You do realize RINO is a derogatory and judgmental term and obviously sort of proves how extremely far to the right she is?
    She is supposed to represent ALL of us, not just her political cronies.