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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Playing to Win...Not Playing to Serve

I know that for some, politics is nothing more than a game.

Every move...ever reaction...every message is part of a complex and infinitely well-crafted framework all built for one thing and one thing only: victory.

Victory at any cost.

Sometimes, the cost is nominal...perhaps it causes an opponent or an issue to slow down temporarily.

Other times, it's devastating. The lives, livelihoods and families of political candidates have been ruined, misrepresented, tarnished -- often unfairly. For some people, there is nothing better than being able to say,

"This man/woman is FINISHED!"

They will go to great lengths...maybe steal signs, publish slanderous mail pieces, post heinous and deviant things on the internet about others. Truly malicious things, I mean...not merely sharing unflattering information that is TRUE.

Noo...this goes much further, what I'm talking about...

I often wonder how anyone with a conscience can take part in this. I wonder what it feels like to destroy someone's reputation for no good reason. For example, in our current election, I've heard one candidate's military history derided in reprehensible ways.

"He thinks being a veteran makes him qualified? Ha!"

He was told to get out of the race...he refused...they took him on to destroy him.

Another candidate is being vilified for having been part of a grassroots effort from which he eventually resigned when he decided to run for city council...among other things.

He stood up to advance noble causes...they didn't like it...they took him on to destroy him.

It's all here on the blog...

Decent men like Neil Yashinsky and Allen D'Aoust who have served our community and our country are being taken to task by individuals who serve only themselves.

Luckily, those who seek to destroy often slip-up...get exposed. Good people refuse to allow bad behavior go unchecked.

We're starting to see that happen in Troy.

Make wise all you can about every candidate. Keep your eyes open. Think LONG AND HARD about voting for anyone whose name is on a flyer that destroys another human being's reputation, that tells outright lies about their voting history and/or platform, and that is misspelled. Ok...that's snarky. But honestly...if you can't even SPELL the name of your committee correctly, why should you be taken seriously???

And then vote for the candidates with INTEGRITY...HONOR...SINCERITY.

Beltramini for Mayor

Depending on your own personal feelings on issues...

Blooomingdale, Campbell, Yashinsky for council -- all endorsed by TRUST, fire/police personnel, all library supporters

D'Aoust for council -- endorsed by L. Brooks Patterson and Dave Lambert, former Troy City Councilmen and deep-thinker

Hashmi for council -- library supporter, endorsed by Troy Michigan Blog

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