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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Exchanging pleasantries?

Some say we are being rude because we are being tough on new Troy mayor Janice Daniels, the woman who has been screaming at city council for two years.
When was she ever gracious?
When was she ever kind?
Was she ever considerate to city staff?
She has shown ZERO respect for anyone in office or for anyone working for the city. Yet we she be gentle with her now?
Mayor Daniels says she wants to have a can-do council and ram through her ideas,  even overturning contractual agreements and votes made by previous councils, while handing back the hard-won $8.5 million in transportation funding to the federal government.
Well, if she's going to be ramming her nonsense through we need to stand up to her NOW, not let her do her damage for three months to be polite.
Don't be naive.

1 comment:

  1. Sharon,

    Accusations of being "rude" serve as a distraction and way to avoid issues.

    If people think you're being rude, its because they want the discussion to be about things other than the truth.

    Janice and her merry band of fanatics desperately want to avoid the fact that the TCU has lied, manipulated and distorted every issue involving the library, the millage and the transit center.

    It's like the child who, when caught in a lie, starts listing the transgressions of the neighbor's kid. The child wants to plead innocence by being less guilty than the kid next door.

    It's not going to work.

    This is about holding Janice and the Ayn Rand worshipers accountable.

    I'm grateful to you and the TRUST people for telling the truth. Keep fighting the good fight.