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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't Count Us Out Just Yet

I woke up today and looked in the mirror and knew that I truly had done everything I could to work for the good of all the residents in this city.

All of them...

I also know that there are some folks who now work FOR ME.

I wonder if they can say the same...that they will work for the good of ALL of us?

Something tells me we have to help them remember that it's their DUTY to do so...and oh, we shall. At every single council meeting until they are out of office, if necessary. By social media...they shall know the success of their term by the outcry of the people.

And if being on council is TRULY a stepping stone to higher office -- as promised as a guarantee by an especially extreme right-wing political activist in Troy -- we'll be ok.

Because the people who REALLY want to serve TROY and save TROY will still be here to do it.

Down for a day or two...but FAR from out.


  1. "some folks who now work for me". Gee that sounds very familiar.

  2. Hey, Familiar Anon,
    I'm going to enjoy reminding those who repeated it so very often that they said it.

    But they didn't invent the concept, so their vain pride in claiming ownership or co-opting messages is really just sort of silly.