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Monday, November 14, 2011

About All I Can Say Tonight...

...after seeing only half of the council meeting after walking in from a 14 hour work-day is this...

Thank goodness for rules and procedures and common sense because the council table is not the place to make commandments and expect them to pass without full and reasonable study of their efficacy.

And you thought grand-standing left with Mr. Howrylak...


  1. I like the new layout of the blog. Daily, Colbert and the company they keep would be proud of it!

  2. I would like to add this comment. It can apply to many situations and endeavors an individual can encounter when they seek something they wish to be part of. One's idea of how something can or should be often times turn out to be completely different than thought. Being in front of a microphone, computer screen, telephone receiver or journalist are far different than sitting at the helm of a city council table. I only hope if this should happen, one would be honest and sane enough to admit things are not as easy as one would want and always put the residents of Troy MI first and not an idea with no human face.