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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Your Reputation Precedes You

The Troy Times recently published the 2011 Voter Guide.

Each candidate for Mayor of Troy and City Council was asked "to state the top items they would wish to accomplish if elected and how they would go about accomplishing them."

One of our readers sent us an analysis of one of the candidates.

We are...amused.

But actually more appalled...this woman wants to be the MAYOR of a forward-thinking, well-educated community, and THIS is how she chose to present herself to her constituents?

Vote for Robin Beltramini to Save Troy, keep it from continued attack on our community's prevent us from take-over by narrow-minded rhetoric.

But my goodness...let's also vote for Mrs. Beltramini to save our children from being subjected to THIS kind attack on our language and intelligence!


  1. subjected to THIS kind attack on our language and intelligence!

    It's probably best to proof read your own post when you attack somebody else's syntax and grammar.

  2. But I'm not running for Mayor...

  3. But if I'm not mistaken... you are a teacher...

  4. And...I missed typing in a preposition.

    Yep...that's true. Did I type in all caps? Did I use a run-on sentence? Was there a typo? Was it published in a newspaper because I'm running for office?

    Did I lie about who I am?

    Never. And if that's all you got for me...I can take that. Thanks. :)