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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who worked to save Troy Public Library?

TRUST came together as a multi-partisan group of people who wanted to save our library and wanted to save Troy.

The current candidates who worked to save the library are:
Robin Beltramini
Bruce Bloomingdale
Neil Yashinsky and
Jim Campbell
Karl Scmidt (school board candidate)
          Amin Hashmi

Those who worked tirelessly to defeat the saving of the library were:
Janice Daniels
Martin Howrylak
Ed Kempen
Deb DeBacker
Dave Henderson
Cristian Teodoritis (school board candidate)

Who else?


  1. Amin Hashmi was an ardent supporter of the August 2010 millage vote.

  2. Cristian Teodorodis, running for school board, did not support the millage to save the library.

  3. Karl Schmidt, running for school board, was and is a library supporter.

  4. That is very true... Amin Hashmi was an ardent supporter of saving the library unfortunately he will not be highlighted because he is not from one of the slate but will become an unsung hero like many troy residents.

  5. Thanks for adding ( better late then never) Amin Hashmi name, he, Neil and Bruce are the boot on the ground guys, others I have to confirm.