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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Who is Ralph Savage?

Try to get to the bottom of any nefarious and injurious political action here in Troy, and you always seem to come upon the name Ralph Savage.

Ralph Savage is the only name behind the "Troy Voter Guide" that sounds so very independent, yet it only supports TCU-endorsed candidates and then LIES about those not supported by TCU.

Ralph Savage was the name behind Taxpayers for Troy in 2008 that led the fight to change Troy's city charter so city council could not raise taxes, even as revenues and property values went into freefall, which has been the basis of all the trouble in Troy in the last two years!

Ralph Savage was the name behind Troy's Taxfighting Team, which supported various candidacies of Mike Bosnic, Martin Howrylak and Bob Gosselin.

more to come...

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