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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Troy Voter Guide

Interesting about the pro-life flier that was sent out by a group named the "Troy Voters Guide"...
In 2005 there was a group called the "Troy Council Election Committee," that was based in the same location. It's purpose? To promote the election of two candidates, Fleming and Broomfield.
And all of the cash came from just one family - the Savages.
Sounds like this group -- the Troy Voter Guide is probably the same thing -- one family who would give up hundreds of dollars to hurt Troy just to save a few bucks in taxes. Both groups are run by Ralph Savage.
When I mention anti-tax extremists, these are the types of folks I'm talking about. Apparently since their "kill Troy services" message is not so popular, now they have to invoke abortions to create a little action? Yuck.
I'm also amused to see that a certain Mr. Outland has also lived at the same address. This Outland is, I do believe, the son of Robert Outland -- one of the kooky anti-tax extremists who put the fake library proposal on the ballot in November of 2010. A few outlaws living at that address?

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  1. Savages - as in the restaurant at Long Lake and Livernois?