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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Troy transit center

Hey, unlike the people running for mayor and council who are against the transit center, I will admit that I don't know much about it.

Here is how Bill Cowger explains the benefits:

1. Businesses choose not to locate here because of a lack of mass transit (you can confirm the names with Brooks' team).
2.Transit investments have incredibly high returns in economic activity (4-8 times investment, which means we would be walking away from a $32-64Million in new economic development activity... at essentially no cost).
3. Governor Snyder approved the matching funds needed to improve the speed of the rail system from here to Chicago.
4. We can participate in the boon or let it all go to Royal Oak or Pontiac. I happen to like businesses locating in Troy so they pay more of our taxes.
5.. Projections show that 300 + people that currently fly will use the new terminal to get to/from Chicago in less elapsed time without being groped.
6. We didn't need an Interstate highway system when Eisenhower started it, but it provided the needed network to create the wealthiest nation on the planet.
7. Troy businesses on the Big Beaver corridor are craving the Transit Center to assist getting employees to/from work.
The quickest way to grow our revenue is to fill our commercial buildings, and you want to limit their ability to do that. We need leaders with vision of growth, not a vision of cuts.

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  1. I think this issue, almost more than any other, exemplifies the divide in philosophy in this city. Either you are an individual who can look ahead and see a positive future, or you are an individual who can only picture today and thus apply that narrow view to all issues.