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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Those who doomed us to closed library Saturdays now plan to reverse it- - if elected of course

We would have Saturday hours at the library if Janice Daniels and Ed Kempen hadn't worked so hard to defeat Proposal 1 last November (fake library proposals on the ballot and Kempen's "Friends of the library with no new taxes" campaign" that told everyone to vote AGAINST the library. 
Yet who was standing in front of the library today when I took my children there to get books but both of them! They are promising to open the library on Saturdays! Both of them. I am sick to my stomach with their gall. Their message should be, "We can clean up the huge mess we made if you'll just vote for us!" 
I hope they don't win, because this city is going to be all about political games and trickery with these people in office.

1 comment:

  1. Just like that?! Easier said than done. Now they use the library as a "prop" just as supporters of the library "used" children. Only one way to stop the game is to vote away from them. The game is old and needs to come to an end.