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Thursday, October 27, 2011

That's Rich

From Doug Tietz, candidate for council and disgrace to my Wolverine roots...

"That library should be open on Saturday, and it should be up to the government to figure out how to make it happen… I’m incredibly frustrated that the library is closed on Saturday."

Poor Doug...he's frustrated about the library.

Wait...Doug who?

I'm sorry, Doug...where were YOU all this past year and last fall when the FACTS about the library, its hours and its budget were being shared?

Where were YOU when Cathy Russ explained the workings of the library and its financials so many times she was quoting it in her sleep?

Where were YOU when the REAL Friends of the TPL (not Mr. Ed Kempen's insidiously false and spurious group of Friends of Interfering with Political Process) and countless patrons and citizens tried forming an independent library?

Did you SPEAK with Cathy Russ?

We know that Martin Howrylak NEVER did regarding Proposal 1 -- not about the facts...not about what it meant.

Did you speak with Rhonda Hendrickson, who helped spearhead Proposal 1?

We know Martin never sat down with Rhonda Hendrickson to get the details about how it would work in the best interest of all of us before he sent out his letter of half-truths and political wrangling the weekend before the election.

Mr. Tietz, you have no idea what the word "frustrated" means.

And we'll thank you to stop invoking the library to further your own political career.



  2. Thanks, anon...but your point?