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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Stand Up Guy

I read a message on a FB page recently that belongs to Bruce Bloomingdale…candidate for Troy City Council. The message read as follows:

“What do you stand for? What are your thoughts on the City Administration, the white elephant (transit center), cost cutting, waste in the city administration, the money losing early retirement program and our expensive police department?”

The question was posted at 11:33AM. By 11:43AM, the man who asked the question had put this up on another Facebook page…the TCU Facebook page. He’s a vocal TCU supporter. Here’s what he said ten minutes after first asking his question:

“I just posted question (sic) on Bruce Bloomingdale’s Facebook page asking what he stood for. Instead of responding in a positive manner, they took the question down. Am I surprised?

Well, *I* was surprised. There would be no reason for that question to disappear, and certainly not within 10 minutes. So I went to look. Right there in Facebook blue was this man’s question. Now, the page itself is rather sparse…it was set up for Bruce so he could point visitors to his main website. Bruce doesn’t use Facebook. He prefers a more reliable interface: THE ACTUAL FACE. He likes to talk to people in person or by phone.
Less to misinterpret. This is key…keep reading.

Someone explained to this man that his question did NOT disappear – he just didn’t know how to use the page correctly. He couldn’t see it because he hadn’t chosen the option that allows him to see it. It was suggested that maybe he should apologize for jumping to a conclusion. He was also told, and I quote:

“Bruce is not likely to respond in that forum. You're welcome to call him or talk to him in one of the public venues that will occur throughout the campaign. His contact information is posted on his web site.”

Seems reasonable to me…and frankly, to anyone who knows Bruce Bloomingdale. I know him well. There is little that man likes more than to share his vision of Troy with you – just not on the computer. And it’s a great vision. Bruce has been in Troy long enough to have helped build it up…and – sadly – long enough to see it being torn down by narrow-minded ideologues.

So he knows what works…and what doesn’t.

Bruce is a familiar face at most Troy School Board meetings and Troy City Council meetings. He was an ardent supporter of our library and the battle to keep it in service. He raised his family here, and he’s sticking around to see his kids do the same. Bruce stands for everything that makes Troy sustainable…desirable…safe. Schools…safety…service…that’s what Bruce stands for.

Even a casual observer would have picked this up by now if they cared enough to know. The man in question? He knows it, too. Still…he asked Bruce.

So back to the story.

This man was unfazed by the knowledge that no shenanigans had taken place. He was not impressed by the numerous ways to contact Mr. Bloomingdale. No…no, instead, this was his response:

“As you can note above, Bruce's handlers don't want him to let us know what he stands for, what his platform is. Kind of like Nancy Pelosi who told the Congress that they would have to vote ObamaCare in before you could find out what was in it. I kind of thought that Facebook was a forum for discussion.”

(Remember what I said about misinterpretation? Right there’s a big healthy serving of it…served with a sharp knife in Bruce’s back.)

HANDLERS? Bruce has HANDLERS? Ah…no…Bruce handles people. He handles them WELL…with respect, honor, strength and integrity. Ever hear of Teddy Roosevelt? Speak softly and carry a big stick…policeman to the world in his time? That’s Bruce…he speaks softly…well, mostly…and carries the figurative big stick of knowledge and experience.

He carries a big book around in his head, too…you know, THE BOOK. The Bible. I’ve never met anyone who could cuss like a sailor in the same sentence he’s quoting Scripture. For that matter, I’ve never met anyone for whom it not only seems NATURAL…but FITTING…to cuss like a sailor in the same sentence as quoting Scripture.
To know Bruce is to love Bruce. He’s among the finest of men I’ve ever met. I feel safer around him. I feel protected by his understanding of how this city can and should work. I feel hopeful for Troy’s future with the thought of him on city council.

Bruce is also endorsed by the police and fire personnel in Troy.

Name one TCU candidate who has that same endorsement.

Come on…we’re waiting.

Oh…that’s right. NONE OF THEM HAS IT.

Bruce is the kind of gentleman this other man can never be…because for starters, he would never jump to such a ridiculous conclusion as this man did. He wouldn’t ask loaded questions on a Facebook page he doesn’t even know how to use. And he wouldn’t disparage a man behind his back like a coward.

If you want a stand up guy in our city government…vote for Bruce.

If you want your city restored to the safe, desirable and sustainable place it was when people like Bruce Bloomingdale built it for us…vote for Bruce.

If you want to SAVE TROY…vote for BRUCE BLOOMINGDALE for City Council.

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