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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Janice Daniels accusation

Our extreme-mayor-wannabe wrote this in July
""it is unfortunate that the tax and spend crowd not only bases their entire argument on legitimate emotion (none of us want our library to close, all of us love for children to have an opportunity to spend time in the library - I spent the best days of my youth at the library) rather than having any legitimate data to refute the FACTS that Troy Citizens United is presenting but they continue to character assassin anyone who disagrees with them."
I won't address her sudden concern about the library, as she made many jokes about how very unimportant libraries are, but I will mention just this one fact about TCU-style "facts," which I have been attacking for about 1 year now, because TCU "facts" are generally not true. Janice Daniels is a leader of TCU, and still has these lies on her website.

1. They claim below that Troy's city manager's salary is more than the governor. This is a blatant lie. At about 130k, the city mgr's salary is below the gov's. His receives a pension but no benefits, which was the deal he made with city council, because it was cheaper than giving him benefits. This is a lie that has captured the imagination of many people, hence, full-knowing that it is a lie, they leave it on their website.

 2. "Beautification" Project at Big Beaver and Rochester Road   Cost: $2,500,000

If Ms. Daniels still doesn't know that these funds came through the state and the DDA, not the council, and could not have been spent on the library AND that if the DDA had not used the funds they would have returned to the state, well, she is not competent to run the city government, because she doesn't understand it even as well as I do. So, is she either lying or incompetent.

3.  $6.2 million for the Transportation Center
This is another lie or a lack of understanding on TCU/Daniels part that they repeated over and over, even though they knew it wasn't true. Most of 9 million dollars that would go into the transportation center comes from state and federal funding which will go elsewhere if we don't use it for that one and only purpose. The city set aside a tiny fraction of the amount they still claim, and it hasn't been spent yet. 

These are just three of oh so many untruths she has told over the past year-and-a-half. Perhaps it doesn't help Ms. Daniels much to have people like me point out that she doesn't tell the truth, but it is not character assassination. It's just simple fact.

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  1. To quote a song lyric from the insightful Paul Simon : "she only hears what she wants to hear and disregards the rest".