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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Doug Tietz - Who funds him?

Another TCU supported city council candidate is Doug Tietz. I didn't know much about him, so I looked up his old campaign finance report from 2009.
Can you tell much about a person based on who gives them money?
You decide. His backers include:

Bob Gosselin - $500
Frank Howrylak - $50
Charlie Langton - $50 - interesting to know the guy who runs all the debates in Troy gave money to this fellow

But most of his raised money came from outside of Troy -- Wow!
AT&T Michigan PAC - $100
A man in Nebraska - $300
Bill Bullard - $50 - current Oakland County Clerk who lived then in Highland, MI
David Eisenbacker - - $250 - former city council and buddy of Howrylak
Chip and Christina Englander $1,000 - of Sacramento, CA
James Fett, $200 - Pinckney, MI
John Glasnak - $150 - Livonia
Marc Schneiderjans - $1000, Lincoln NE
Michael Smith - $100, Bloomfield Hills,
Harry Stein - $250, NY

All that money from outside of Troy and from outside of Michigan...
...and he still lost...


  1. Sharon, just to clarify - Charlie Langton does host a lot of the CMN debates, he doesn't necesarily "run" them - although I'm sure you didn't mean that in the literal sense.

    Just to give a little background, I've known Charlie since 1995 when I recruited him to do some government access channel work for Troy, although he had been active in public access areas for years before that. Because he gives so freely of his time and believes in the idea of "public" access to cable systems in order to make their views heard, he's been asked to do a lot of volunteer work in that area. And, he's good at it. Look what he's doing now for Fox 2 and 1270 WXYT-AM.

    Although I know him well, I don't keep track of his political leanings. But I do know he's a stand up guy and if you asked him he would probably tell why he made a small donation to this guy's campaign.

  2. Doug Tietz has all of those out-of-state donors, because he is a political consultant who does work out-of-state. In fact, one might say that Doug is a professional politician ... because he is. Does Troy need professional politicians on its City Council?