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Friday, October 14, 2011

Does city council candidate Dave Henderson support the Troy PD or not?

Dave Henderson, who holds court at the TCU Facebook page, but loves to tell folks that he is not now and never has been a member of TCU, wrote this sad bit yesterday in response to a claim (by me) that many TCU-supported candidates would favor outsourcing our police/safety to the Oakland County Sheriff. How dare I?

He wrote:
The "TRUST" page has indicated that candidates endorsed by TCU that are running for council, are in favor of eliminating the Troy police department and trading them for the Oakland county sheriff. If I can take a second here, I'd like to tell you thats a complete fabrication, and outline a couple things about their claim.

So how could I have ever gotten such an idea?

This is what he wrote on Troy Patch comments on July 9:

2 So you're expecting me to believe that it takes an extra $ 13 million a year to patrol two exits in Troy, I'll even add a couple malls... So half our city police budget is for two exits and two malls. From now on, I'm staying away from those dangerous malls or that scary 4 mile stretch of highway. The county Sherriff does a far more cost effective job of policing the city of RH than the Troy PD does of policing Troy. 

Yup, he's totally pro-Troy PD. Has he got their endorsement?

1 comment:

  1. So let's just give the anti-tax, anti-full service city group -- including Mr. Henderson -- the benefit of the doubt.

    Let's assume they really do just want to open the dialogue about the so-called "inefficiencies" or over-funding of police department.

    WHERE are the inefficiencies? In what ways are we over-funded? Let's role play. I'll be them.

    "Salaries are too high! Crime is DOWN! That's proof...we don't need all them there over-paid cops!"

    Sound familiar? I wonder...have any of them ever talked with Chief Mayer? Attended one of his VERY informative presentations about the department? Researched the services our department offers to surrounding cities FOR REVENUE?

    When some of them who are loudest have done THAT...then maybe we can talk. Until's just their opinion. And you know how those smell...