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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dave Lambert says...


Be Skeptical About Troy City Election Flyers

It's once again campaign season. For the next few weeks, Troy voters will be inundated with campaign literature. Unfortunately, some of this literature bends the truth.

A group calling itself "Troy Voter Guide" has mailed out the flyer pictured below to some Troy voters. It's an example of deceptive political advertising.

First, it looks like it was produced by Right-to-Life. However, if you look closely at the language in the flyer, you'll notice that there is nothing on the literature that says these candidates have been endorsed by Right to Life.

Second, one would assume that if other candidate names do not appear then they must not be pro-Life. However, I know for a fact that one candidate is pro-Life but his name does not appear in the flyer.

Thanks to Keep Troy Strong for bringing this flyer to my attention.

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