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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dave Henderson just doesn't get it..., Part 2,059

Dave wrote this today
"the current council voted three times to put the tax increase on a ballot. The biggest concern is whether it should have even been put to the people at all IMHO."
Let's see, then. Anyone following Troy city politics knows that all of his friends at TCU -- Janice Daniels, Papa and Marty Howrylak, Ed Kempen and Oakland County Political Boss Bob Gosselin (termed by some as the "Oakland County Taliban") -- are the ones who forwarded and got passed an initiative that gives the people of Troy the RIGHT to vote taxes up or down. It happened in 2008, Dave. Look it up. Your friends made it so.

So Dave Henderson believes the people should NOT have that right? I thought y'all were about rights and the Constitution and all. So, now you are against the new voting rights we got in 2008? You think it will be your job to diminish the voting rights of the people?

Some leader.

But that makes you like Howrylak, doesn't it? He fought for that 2008 city charter change then he voted against every opportunity for the people to have the right to vote. 

So the truth is, TCU is not about respecting the people and letting them control their destiny. They are anti-tax and anti-tax only. Pennies and dollars are the only things that matters to you extremists, even above the rights of the people.

Shame on all of you.


  1. "termed by some as the "Oakland County Taliban"... Some? It would be nice for you say who those 'some' are. Comparing the TCU group with a terrorist group? Even for you (or whoever the some are) that is reaching.

  2. The taliban comment is widely attributed to L Brooks Patterson.