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Friday, October 28, 2011

Cristian Teodoridis - "Give me my taxes back and let me pay for education"

Ah, Troy...
The city where anti-government extremists run for city government
...and anti-public-schools people run for the school board.

It's not cute, it's not funny, it's serious. These people want to shut Troy down to save a few bucks.

Listen to them talk. What do they talk about? Taxes taxes taxes taxes and as a hobby, they talk about taxes. But what do they say online, in public?

Here's what Troy School Board Candidate Cristian Teodoridis says. If he's not bad-mouthing the schools, he's bad-mouthing the city and the library.

On his website, this is what he says he is NOT:

Who Am I not?

  • Professional politician
  • Partisan towards any of the education stakeholders
  • All-knowing, arrogant, egotistical
  • Afraid to stand up for what I believe

What a guy.


  1. fortunately you wont get elected and we wont have to worry about your strange concept of the world.

  2. I love how he says he's NOT arrogant or egotistical...and then posts an update on his campaign page that says "Wow, this must be THE Troy Education forum!" Not arrogant, indeed. He is consistently immature and juvenile in his responses and reactions to criticism such as this blog. If you can't take the heat, Cristian, get out of the kitchen. He will not be getting my vote.

  3. Fantastic post, this one is most definitely for many reasons. The obvious of course, shining a mega watt spotlight throughout the lens that is Facebook. Powerful quotes written by candidates to get a glimpse of how their brains work. Scary stuff with or without Halloween, werewolves and full moons.

  4. seems like cristian talks out of both sides of his mouth. he is supported/funded/endorsed by the troy teachers union and MEA but then says "give me my taxes back..let me pay for my own education". interesting.

  5. As a teacher and MEA member I am disgusted that he is backed by my union. I will not be voting for Mr. Teodoridis.

  6. You should be disgusted the MEA is involved at all. I recognize a few local union leaders names on his campaign financial statement, apparently they think he's right for the district?

  7. on another FB site, Mr.Teodoridis is already talking about being recalled if elected. Great- that's all we need...more turmoil in Troy??!! I will NOT be voting for Mr.Teodoridis and I suggest you tell your family and friends to do the same.

  8. As a dad with three kids in Troy schools, I am so relieved this half-witted whack job did not get elected. Thank God for Karl Schmidt