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Sunday, October 23, 2011

College Republicans called Doug Tietz an extremist

Tietz "an extremist," represents "far-right" of Republican party
The Michigan Daily, March 20, 2001
To the Daily:
As former College Republican presidents, we are both disappointed and discouraged by the campaign of Doug Tietz for Michigan Student Assembly President. Through our leadership roles, we have both devoted a considerable portion of our college years to furthering the Republican cause. We can say with certainty that Tietz does not represent these same Republican ideals.
Over the last two years, College Republicans has become an organization that embraces all of those who call themselves Republican and not any particular ideology. We brought Black and Latino Republicans to campus and celebrated the mushrooming libertarian wing. The United States of America has developed into a more racially and socially heterogeneous society and any reasonable assessment of the future foretells the intensification of this tendency. The future of our party depends upon our ability to engage all Americans of every background and all social positions. 93 percent of African Americans voted for Al Gore we have a lot of work to do.
Doug Tietz aligns himself with the most extreme wing of the party he is not a Republican, he is an extremist. This far-right of the Republican party includes many individuals that do not acknowledge the multiplicity of ideologies that are the Republican party.
Their extreme views on abortion, foreign affairs, animal rights, etc. are not shared with even the majority of Republicans, never mind the University student body. By voting for individuals like Doug Tietz we forfeit our ability to call ourselves judicious, reasonable, and even democratic (little d).
We are good Republicans: We work for Republicans and love the Grand Old Party. We cannot, however, stand idly by and watch our party"s banner be trashed at this institution. Fellow Republicans, let us chalk up a small victory here at Michigan. Let us oust from our ranks those who drag us down electorally and disgrace us publicly.
We hold the Mantle of Lincoln, now let"s embrace it. While many of the Michigan Party candidates are worthy of our regard-we must reject Doug Tietz and his brand of extremism.
Rory Diamond
Barb Lambert
LSA seniors
Lambert was the president of the University chapter of the College Republicans from 2000 - 2001, Diamond was the president from 1999 - 2000.


  1. I was Secretary for the University of Michigan College Republicans from 2000 to 2001. I personally knew Barb and Rory, and I want to say that the above letter to the editor was the result of two people venting their personal disagreements with Doug. I consider Doug Tietz a good friend, and I believe that the letter gives a completely inaccurate impression of Doug. I have spent a few months in Troy, and I believe it to be a great and wonderful city. I also have no doubt Doug Tietz will help continue that greatness.

    -Charles Wang
    Secretary, UofM College Republicans, 2000-2001

  2. Hi Mr. Wang,
    That's nice. I know you like Doug Tietz because you gave him $500 to run for Troy City Council in 2009, even though you lived in Sugar Land Texas and were a student without a job. Boy, when I was a student, I didn't have $500 to send 2000 miles away for a city council race that meant nothing to me.
    Why did you care? What did you want in return? It's kind of upsetting that people like you would choose to meddling around in other community's elections.