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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Collateral Damage - TCU boldly lies about Allen D'Aoust

Click the image above.

It comes from the Troy Voter Guide referenced here before. It's been marked up by City Council Candidate Allen D'Aoust.

Mr. D'Aoust is a victim of the negative cancer of campaigning tactics that has destroyed this city.

Mr. D'Aoust is collateral damage, unfortunately. A staunchly conservative voice, he's not the RIGHT kind of Conservative for certain other supporters of candidates in this election.

I won't be voting for Mr. D'Aoust this time around because we disagree on one major issue that I cannot overlook. That's just my one sticking point. I think we all have those.

But he is an honorable man...full of integrity and desire to work for the betterment of this city in many ways.

If you are looking for a conservative choice whose beliefs align with yours, give this man a look -- see his candidate questionnaire here (clicky).

If for no other reason, look because he's being maligned so viciously and wrongfully that he deserves your consideration.


  1. Allen D’Aoust is also a Veteran who served our Nation in the US Army in Afghanistan. Those individuals who wrote and paid for this "Voter Guide" should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. While the voters guide is deplorable, serving in the Army doesn't automatically qualify someone to be a councilmember. Perhaps he has leadership skills, but unless he has a business degree (he doesn't), or was Acquisition Corp while in the Army, or has business experience, it's not a given that he can be a productive member of council. He uses that as his one qualification, and it should be one of many, many other factors that would make him an exceptional candidate.

  3. And being a real estate agent is all you need?

  4. But the realter running for mayor has a BS degree!

  5. I don't see Anonymous (Dave ?) complaining that Janice Daniels uses the following talking point on her website, "Janice’s son is currently serving our country as a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps." If being a combat veteran in the Army doesn't do anything for D'Aoust's qualifications, then I really don't see why Daniels should be touting the fact that her son is in the Marines. After all, who cares? How will that help her run the city? And while we're at it, let's stop pretending that it takes some great business mind to be a real estate agent. It doesn't take any more business talent to show people houses then it does to show them furniture in Art Van. Show people around, let them decide what they like, fill out some forms and accept a commission. Car salesmen do it all the time and I wouldn't vote for somebody to run the city just because they knew how to sell cars. I vote for people based on their vision for the city and their public track record. And Daniels, Henderson and gang have failed both tests.

  6. Janice touting her son being in the miltary as a "selling" point is ridiculous. I understand she is a proud mom (most are!), but to use it as some type of qualification is pandering. It's pulling on heart strings, which she objects to so much about. So yes, I should have "complained" about that also. It is just more in your face in Allen's case (not saying it isn't a great thing, just not the one and only qualification). And I agree, I know some people who aren't very bright who sell homes. The outstanding ones you hear about. I never heard of Janice and she sells in Troy.

  7. Wow! Such negative comments, I think that some seasoned realtors, trained well, skilled in negotiations, fluent in foreclosures and foreclosure processes, short sales, have the utmost respect from me! They are well needed as a doctor is needed to create the future growth of our economy and housing recovery. I am not saying that the running mates are super qualified, but I would vote for the housewife since she has much more time to devote to the mayoral position. The realtors I know that are good work about 12 hours per day. Robin has my vote, we need a dedicated mayor, she has the experienced and a level head.