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Monday, October 24, 2011

Bob Gosselin is the Daddy Warbucks of Troy

Gosselin provides lots of advice and money to TCU candidates. This week he will hold a fundraiser at his house for all 4 TCU candidates -- Janice Daniels, Dave Henderson, Doug Tietz and Ed Kempen.

In addition to all of Gosselin's trouble with the police described elsewhere in this blog, here's another story of his abuses of power...

Troy campaign worker hits Gosselin with PPO

Troy Times (MI) - Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Author: Linda Shepard, C & G Staff Writer
Former state Rep. Bob Gosselin has been served with a personal protection order preventing contact with a Troy resident.

Walenda Green asked Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Rae Lee Chabot for the order April 16 because of alleged abuse during a recent local election campaign. Green campaigned for Troy City Council candidate Cristina Pappageorge.

Gosselin is a former state representative for the 42nd District in Troy and a former Troy City Council member who briefly ran for a council seat this year before dropping out of the race.

According to Green’s attorney, Ryan Deel, Gosselin threatened Green or her son on three different occasions. The complaint states that on March 23, Gosselin harassed Green’s son Joe, 31, when Gosselin returned Pappageorge’s campaign signs from a neighboring lawn.

According to a letter sent to the Troy Times by Joe Green, Gosselin “went off on me, calling my mother names and he really go into my face about the signs.”

Gosselin said he has been “falsely accused.” He said he went to Green’s home on that date but did not harass her son. “I told him not to put signs on the lawn,” Gosselin said. “I did not argue with him.”

He also denies grabbing Green’s arm at a Clawson Lions Club general meeting March 24. In her petition, Green said Gosselin “wanted to talk to me about what happened on the 23rd. I told him I didn’t want to talk to him and he tried to grab my arm.”

Gosselin said, “I never grabbed her, she was the aggressor.” He also denied telephoning Green and threatening her on March 29, as Green’s petition states. Gosselin said all the allegations are “malice and slander,” and he plans to take legal action against Green and Pappageorge.

Deel said, “This is the typical behavior of someone who lost. He had his day in court and he lost.”

Pappageorge, who was not elected, said Gosselin “Can’t take no for an answer. He is acting out. That’s what he does. It is an abuse of power. He was stealing signs all over the place.”

Under the terms of the order, Gosselin is prohibited from appearing at Green’s home or workplace, approaching or confronting her on public or private property, sending her mail or other communications and from contacting her by phone.

Gosselin must not violate the order until after July 16, or he could be fined up to $500 or jailed up to 93 days.

Gosselin lost an August primary bid for the seat held by state Sen. Shirley Johnson, R-Royal Oak. Gosselin said he is planning to run for state representative of the 41st District in August 2004, a seat currently occupied by Pappageorge’s husband, John.

“I would like this to just go away,” Gosselin said about the order. “But I have to defend myself and spend money to set the record straight.” 


  1. More proof that Gosselin and anyone associated with him is dirty. I sure would not want my name next to his. You are who you associate with.

  2. Major correction, that fund raiser is for Janice Daniels only. Other candidates have been invited there to shake hands only as has been the policy with all the candidates over this campaign cycle.


  3. Then why go, Dave? To link your name with Gosselin? Ew!

  4. Gosselin trains his people well. I was also assaulted by one of their "goons" when I atteneded a public event. Are these the type of leaders the citizens of Troy want? I don't think soi. This has to stop!

  5. He has an uncontrollable tongue and always claims his innocence on everything....He lives in a fantasy world of the "innocent"..I heard that he tried to run someone over at the SILVERDOME....