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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The anti-library TCU crowd is now pretending that they love libraries.

See what Dave Henderson was saying a few months ago from my August 3rd post. In comments after this post he admits to saying these things.

DH writes this:
You can't even compare the library to the post office. I wonder how much the losses would amount to if you added up the cost of all libraries nation wide Vs how much revenue they bring in. They are revenue drains. Thinking outside the box, how much would it cost us to supply every home in Troy with a kindle, and start looking for ways to electronically check out books to the public? No bricks and mortar required, the book expires after 14 days, no collection of fines, very few employees etc., the times they are a changing.
Um, what library brings in revenue? Um, libraries let us have books for free. Um, they already give us free ebooks. Um, how are my kids going to study at a Kindle. I have a Kindle, so I actually know that many books, especially older, expensive books (the kind you can only get at a library) are not available. And finally, 1 Kindle for 1 person to use (I have four people in my house) costs $120, nearly double what one year of the library will cost my whole family.

And how would one do research on a Kindle? Dave don't you remember in college when you might need 15 books just to write a... oh, sorry, never mind.

Oh, and he keeps going!

Just for grins I googled library online, and came up with several sites that provide free books, no kindle required. Pretty easy to search by title, author or subject, no Dewey decimal system. All that's required is a wifi connection which you can get sitting in front of any star bucks, panera and these days mcdonalds. It is o.k. To hold onto the past, nostalgia is good, but to quote Henry ford... "if I asked them what they wanted, they'd have told me faster horses". A library is a good thing, but don't kid yourself by thinking it is a solid necessity for the masses.
Brilliant. By the way, those free books? Mostly from the 1800s.

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  1. If TCU and its candidates and followers would "enter" a library, it might be an "educational" experience for them.