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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Those who doomed us to closed library Saturdays now plan to reverse it- - if elected of course

We would have Saturday hours at the library if Janice Daniels and Ed Kempen hadn't worked so hard to defeat Proposal 1 last November (fake library proposals on the ballot and Kempen's "Friends of the library with no new taxes" campaign" that told everyone to vote AGAINST the library. 
Yet who was standing in front of the library today when I took my children there to get books but both of them! They are promising to open the library on Saturdays! Both of them. I am sick to my stomach with their gall. Their message should be, "We can clean up the huge mess we made if you'll just vote for us!" 
I hope they don't win, because this city is going to be all about political games and trickery with these people in office.

The anti-library TCU crowd is now pretending that they love libraries.

See what Dave Henderson was saying a few months ago from my August 3rd post. In comments after this post he admits to saying these things.

DH writes this:
You can't even compare the library to the post office. I wonder how much the losses would amount to if you added up the cost of all libraries nation wide Vs how much revenue they bring in. They are revenue drains. Thinking outside the box, how much would it cost us to supply every home in Troy with a kindle, and start looking for ways to electronically check out books to the public? No bricks and mortar required, the book expires after 14 days, no collection of fines, very few employees etc., the times they are a changing.
Um, what library brings in revenue? Um, libraries let us have books for free. Um, they already give us free ebooks. Um, how are my kids going to study at a Kindle. I have a Kindle, so I actually know that many books, especially older, expensive books (the kind you can only get at a library) are not available. And finally, 1 Kindle for 1 person to use (I have four people in my house) costs $120, nearly double what one year of the library will cost my whole family.

And how would one do research on a Kindle? Dave don't you remember in college when you might need 15 books just to write a... oh, sorry, never mind.

Oh, and he keeps going!

Just for grins I googled library online, and came up with several sites that provide free books, no kindle required. Pretty easy to search by title, author or subject, no Dewey decimal system. All that's required is a wifi connection which you can get sitting in front of any star bucks, panera and these days mcdonalds. It is o.k. To hold onto the past, nostalgia is good, but to quote Henry ford... "if I asked them what they wanted, they'd have told me faster horses". A library is a good thing, but don't kid yourself by thinking it is a solid necessity for the masses.
Brilliant. By the way, those free books? Mostly from the 1800s.

Vote to defund the library - May 10, 2010

One of the trademarks of the TCU-supported candidates in this city campaign is to simplify complicated issues.
For example, the May 10, 2010 budget vote that, in effect, defunded the library, was a three-year budget that took away library funding in order to protect public safety/police.
As TCU folk claim that this city council has not been fiscally responsible, they ignore the fact that this was a vote about fiscal responsibility at it's core. But define it as you will.
They ALSO continuously claim that Robin Beltramini voted for this defunding of the library. That is not true.
Here is an example of the claim, from Troy Patch comments by Audre (click to see):
The vote against the Library (keeping them on the budget) was voted 6 against and 2 infavor. The two in favor was Councilman Wade Flemning and Councilman Martin Howrylak. So know your facts.
However, the facts are available to everyone at the city's website in the minutes of the meeting here, under May 10 minutes:

The vote was this:
Yes: Schilling, Kerwin, McGinnis, Slater
No: Beltramini, Fleming, Howrylak
Audre is a big Janice Daniels supporter and has given generously to Janice's campaign. You may have noticed that suddenly the TCU-folk care about  library and this intentional dis-information about Robin Beltramini's vote on May 10, is simply a campaign tactic they are using to claim they have always cared about the library.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Your Reputation Precedes You

The Troy Times recently published the 2011 Voter Guide.

Each candidate for Mayor of Troy and City Council was asked "to state the top items they would wish to accomplish if elected and how they would go about accomplishing them."

One of our readers sent us an analysis of one of the candidates.

We are...amused.

But actually more appalled...this woman wants to be the MAYOR of a forward-thinking, well-educated community, and THIS is how she chose to present herself to her constituents?

Vote for Robin Beltramini to Save Troy, keep it from continued attack on our community's prevent us from take-over by narrow-minded rhetoric.

But my goodness...let's also vote for Mrs. Beltramini to save our children from being subjected to THIS kind attack on our language and intelligence!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cristian Teodoridis - "Give me my taxes back and let me pay for education"

Ah, Troy...
The city where anti-government extremists run for city government
...and anti-public-schools people run for the school board.

It's not cute, it's not funny, it's serious. These people want to shut Troy down to save a few bucks.

Listen to them talk. What do they talk about? Taxes taxes taxes taxes and as a hobby, they talk about taxes. But what do they say online, in public?

Here's what Troy School Board Candidate Cristian Teodoridis says. If he's not bad-mouthing the schools, he's bad-mouthing the city and the library.

On his website, this is what he says he is NOT:

Who Am I not?

  • Professional politician
  • Partisan towards any of the education stakeholders
  • All-knowing, arrogant, egotistical
  • Afraid to stand up for what I believe

What a guy.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

That's Rich

From Doug Tietz, candidate for council and disgrace to my Wolverine roots...

"That library should be open on Saturday, and it should be up to the government to figure out how to make it happen… I’m incredibly frustrated that the library is closed on Saturday."

Poor Doug...he's frustrated about the library.

Wait...Doug who?

I'm sorry, Doug...where were YOU all this past year and last fall when the FACTS about the library, its hours and its budget were being shared?

Where were YOU when Cathy Russ explained the workings of the library and its financials so many times she was quoting it in her sleep?

Where were YOU when the REAL Friends of the TPL (not Mr. Ed Kempen's insidiously false and spurious group of Friends of Interfering with Political Process) and countless patrons and citizens tried forming an independent library?

Did you SPEAK with Cathy Russ?

We know that Martin Howrylak NEVER did regarding Proposal 1 -- not about the facts...not about what it meant.

Did you speak with Rhonda Hendrickson, who helped spearhead Proposal 1?

We know Martin never sat down with Rhonda Hendrickson to get the details about how it would work in the best interest of all of us before he sent out his letter of half-truths and political wrangling the weekend before the election.

Mr. Tietz, you have no idea what the word "frustrated" means.

And we'll thank you to stop invoking the library to further your own political career.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bruce Bloomingdale for Troy City Council

Neil Yashinsky for Troy City Council


For months, council candidate Dave Henderson has been saying that he jumped into the fray when a current council woman told him she didn't have "irrefutable proof" that we needed a millage increase in Feb. 2010.

He claims that statement alone showed him that council was inept, was trying to hoodwink voters, and was clearly not done making those "difficult choices" to "tighten the belt" like we all have to do in our own homes.

There's just one problem.

That's not what she said. I know because I asked her, and she shared with me what she told him in e-mail. Here is her response regarding that 1.9% millage request:

I always said that I strongly favored it. The quote from which Dave Henderson derives his soundbite is that we didn’t have irrefutable proof of the need for a tax increase that would satisfy everyone. To quote from the email I sent to him, “I. . .believe the necessity of a millage increase if we continue to offer a reasonable level of service and amenities. . .I may believe it because I have gone through the budget process trying to prove the city manager wrong.” The email also talked about the difference in opinions of essential vs. non-essential services. Since that email, I have repeatedly said that 80,000 people will have 80,000 ways to balance the budget. Therefore, we probably could never get universally acceptable “irrefutable proof” of anything—particularly without trust of elected council and staff and with people generally and aggressively feeding a distrust, instead of trust.

So, since it appears Mr. Henderson's entire political career is built on his inability to read correctly, I wonder if he'd consider dropping out now?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tietz California donor in 2009 Troy race cheated in U-M race

Seems Doug Tietz was in the Woverine Party at U of M. But because one of his party members and friends cheated scandalously and historically, Tietz was disqualified.
Sure it happened years ago, maybe 10 years. So why is this old history about a dirty trickster named Chip Englander still relevant? Because the dirty trickster Chip gave Tietz $1,000 for his Troy city council campaign in 2009. Who is giving him money this time around?
Tietz, a student politician at the time, did not apologize because his friend cheated to try to get him in office, rather he was mad that since his friend only cheated 10 times for their party, Tietz should not be disqualified. Amaaaazing! Tietz said, "Kicking out the entire party is absolutely political. How can you explain ten illegal votes causing an entire party being eliminated?"
That's our honesty, integrity and transparency candidate, folks.
Of course this Chip Englander IS now a professional politician, in California, playing his tricks on a much larger level. I mean don't we have enough dirty tricks in Troy without professional dirty tricksters infusing our small town politics with their money?
When can we clean up politics in Troy? With the likes of Gosselin, Glenn Clark and Tietz injecting their money and dirty tricks here, it doesn't look like it will be clean soon.

ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL: How One Man Brought Down the Wolverine Party
by Jacob F.M. Oslick
I think the Election Board had a gross misinterpretation of the election code" commented Wolverine Party (WP) defense counsel Jeff Omtvedt, shortly after the Central Student Judiciary (CSJ) voted to disqualify WP candidates for Michigan Student Assembly (MSA) President, Vice-President, and MSA Representative spots from the schools of LSA and Kinesiology.
This was "the most clear-cut case of violating the code ever," counters Election Board Director Alok Agrawal, as the Wolverine Party exhibited "total disregard for the rules of the election."
So say the two sides to this dispute, the greatest scandal to rock MSA politics in recent memory. But what actually happened election night? And what should have been done? To answer these questions, one must delve deeper than the sound bite, and consider all the evidence involved.
The story begins on election night between 1:00 and 4:00 a.m., on the floors four and six of the Markley Residence Hall. As recorded in formal complaints submitted to the election board, a man fitting the description of WP Chair Chip Englander went door-to-door trying to secure votes for his party. He knocked on doors and presented himself as a supporter, but not candidate of the party. After being let in to peoples' rooms, he went to the election web page and asked students to enter their uniqnames and passwords. According to one report, "I wasn't watching what he did after that, but basically, I turned around and he had the entire ballot filled out for a certain party. I looked at him like he was crazy." In another report, the man "very quickly, because I think he had been doing it all night, clicked all of the Wolverine Party candidates. . I never gave him permission, but he submitted my vote anyway."
Mr. Agrawal felt that if accurate, these reports violated sections 41.62, 41.64, and 41.68 of the Election Code (see side-bar) which prevent people from interfering with an election and campaigning within 50 feet of a polling site.
During this time, Wolverine Party documents state, Mr. Englander was scheduled to campaign on the Diag, as part of the Wolverine Party's "24 Campaign for a 24 hour campus." One WP candidate, Ryan Gregg, claims to have seen Mr. Englander "at least every 20 minutes or so" as he passed by the Diag while chalking for the party.
However, in an 11-page brief submitted to the CSJ, the Wolverine Party never formally denies the allegations. In the words of Mr. Omtvedt, "I don't know what Chip did, I only know what he was accused of." Instead of denying the charges, the WP defended itself by arguing, as co-defense counsel Joe Bernstein states, that "Chip was acting alone. No other candidate knew what he was doing." Mr. Englander himself admits to some wrongdoing, but adamantly denies that he ever submitted votes without first securing someone's permission. Claiming that he was unclear of the rules, he believed that as long as people consented to vote, he was allowed to assist them.
In total, only between 10-15 reports were filed alleging violations, and only three submitted by the Election Board to the CSJ as evidence against the Wolverine Party. For reasons of privacy, the Election Board declined to release the names of the accusers. This secrecy, Mr. Bernstein feels, left the WP unable "to present a completely just defense - we didn't know who was accusing us."
Adding that "our opinion is that this is a violation of the Sixth Amendment," Mr. Bernstein would have liked the opportunity to investigate the complaints to see, for example, "if these people all live in a hall with a Blue Party campaigner."
The secrecy regarding the accusations led one WP Candidate to blame the violations on a "Blue Party plot," pointing out "I wouldn't put it past the Blue Party to find two or three people to come forward with some bullsh-t like this."
Mr. Agrawal disputes this, claiming in an e-mail sent to the Wolverine Party that the Election Board investigated the complaints and found "several rooms" had similar experiences. He further points out that one of the accusers actually supported the Wolverine Party.
Even if they occurred, the Wolverine Party argued that the violations do not deserve total disqualification. In particular, the Party disputes that the specified sections of the Election Code even refer to a person such as Mr. Englander, who, although party chair, did not run as a candidate. Indeed, their brief points out that Section 41.701 states specifically "Candidates who violate ... sections 41.64-41.66 shall be subject to a penalty of one demerit.. ... Candidates who violate section 41.62 shall be subject to a penalty of five demerits." In the WP view, since the Code speaks only of candidates, not those working on a candidate's behalf, the Election Board had no sanction to penalize WP candidates for Mr. Englander's actions. As Mr. Omtvedt states, "They didn't have the Code to work with, so they misinterpreted the Code so it would work with them."
WP disqualified candidate Doug Tietz concurs, saying that the election board "stopped democracy, cold in its tracks. . Kicking out the entire party is absolutely political. How can you explain ten illegal votes causing an entire party being eliminated?"


Bob Gosselin is the Daddy Warbucks of Troy

Gosselin provides lots of advice and money to TCU candidates. This week he will hold a fundraiser at his house for all 4 TCU candidates -- Janice Daniels, Dave Henderson, Doug Tietz and Ed Kempen.

In addition to all of Gosselin's trouble with the police described elsewhere in this blog, here's another story of his abuses of power...

Troy campaign worker hits Gosselin with PPO

Troy Times (MI) - Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Author: Linda Shepard, C & G Staff Writer
Former state Rep. Bob Gosselin has been served with a personal protection order preventing contact with a Troy resident.

Walenda Green asked Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Rae Lee Chabot for the order April 16 because of alleged abuse during a recent local election campaign. Green campaigned for Troy City Council candidate Cristina Pappageorge.

Gosselin is a former state representative for the 42nd District in Troy and a former Troy City Council member who briefly ran for a council seat this year before dropping out of the race.

According to Green’s attorney, Ryan Deel, Gosselin threatened Green or her son on three different occasions. The complaint states that on March 23, Gosselin harassed Green’s son Joe, 31, when Gosselin returned Pappageorge’s campaign signs from a neighboring lawn.

According to a letter sent to the Troy Times by Joe Green, Gosselin “went off on me, calling my mother names and he really go into my face about the signs.”

Gosselin said he has been “falsely accused.” He said he went to Green’s home on that date but did not harass her son. “I told him not to put signs on the lawn,” Gosselin said. “I did not argue with him.”

He also denies grabbing Green’s arm at a Clawson Lions Club general meeting March 24. In her petition, Green said Gosselin “wanted to talk to me about what happened on the 23rd. I told him I didn’t want to talk to him and he tried to grab my arm.”

Gosselin said, “I never grabbed her, she was the aggressor.” He also denied telephoning Green and threatening her on March 29, as Green’s petition states. Gosselin said all the allegations are “malice and slander,” and he plans to take legal action against Green and Pappageorge.

Deel said, “This is the typical behavior of someone who lost. He had his day in court and he lost.”

Pappageorge, who was not elected, said Gosselin “Can’t take no for an answer. He is acting out. That’s what he does. It is an abuse of power. He was stealing signs all over the place.”

Under the terms of the order, Gosselin is prohibited from appearing at Green’s home or workplace, approaching or confronting her on public or private property, sending her mail or other communications and from contacting her by phone.

Gosselin must not violate the order until after July 16, or he could be fined up to $500 or jailed up to 93 days.

Gosselin lost an August primary bid for the seat held by state Sen. Shirley Johnson, R-Royal Oak. Gosselin said he is planning to run for state representative of the 41st District in August 2004, a seat currently occupied by Pappageorge’s husband, John.

“I would like this to just go away,” Gosselin said about the order. “But I have to defend myself and spend money to set the record straight.” 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

College Republicans called Doug Tietz an extremist

Tietz "an extremist," represents "far-right" of Republican party
The Michigan Daily, March 20, 2001
To the Daily:
As former College Republican presidents, we are both disappointed and discouraged by the campaign of Doug Tietz for Michigan Student Assembly President. Through our leadership roles, we have both devoted a considerable portion of our college years to furthering the Republican cause. We can say with certainty that Tietz does not represent these same Republican ideals.
Over the last two years, College Republicans has become an organization that embraces all of those who call themselves Republican and not any particular ideology. We brought Black and Latino Republicans to campus and celebrated the mushrooming libertarian wing. The United States of America has developed into a more racially and socially heterogeneous society and any reasonable assessment of the future foretells the intensification of this tendency. The future of our party depends upon our ability to engage all Americans of every background and all social positions. 93 percent of African Americans voted for Al Gore we have a lot of work to do.
Doug Tietz aligns himself with the most extreme wing of the party he is not a Republican, he is an extremist. This far-right of the Republican party includes many individuals that do not acknowledge the multiplicity of ideologies that are the Republican party.
Their extreme views on abortion, foreign affairs, animal rights, etc. are not shared with even the majority of Republicans, never mind the University student body. By voting for individuals like Doug Tietz we forfeit our ability to call ourselves judicious, reasonable, and even democratic (little d).
We are good Republicans: We work for Republicans and love the Grand Old Party. We cannot, however, stand idly by and watch our party"s banner be trashed at this institution. Fellow Republicans, let us chalk up a small victory here at Michigan. Let us oust from our ranks those who drag us down electorally and disgrace us publicly.
We hold the Mantle of Lincoln, now let"s embrace it. While many of the Michigan Party candidates are worthy of our regard-we must reject Doug Tietz and his brand of extremism.
Rory Diamond
Barb Lambert
LSA seniors
Lambert was the president of the University chapter of the College Republicans from 2000 - 2001, Diamond was the president from 1999 - 2000.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Who is your neighbor?

from Edna

I have a question for the citizens of Troy.  That question is:  Who is your neighbor?  It’s a question that was asked by a wise and compassionate man over 2,000 years ago.  It’s a question that transcends time, space and faith.  So, I ask you......who is your neighbor?

Is your neighbor someone who would put a copycat library millage proposal -- or 3 copycat library millage proposals -- on a ballot for purposes of confusing voters?  Or someone who would not disavow such actions?

Is your neighbor someone who would use “fuzzy math” to claim that the aforementioned millage was a 29% tax increase when the reality was that itmight have cost residents $8/month?

Is your neighbor someone who would hijack the name of “The Friends of the Troy Public Library” just so that people would be more likely to sign his petition?

Is your neighbor someone who would intentionally misrepresent the wages and benefits of city staff to make residents believe that they had not made any concessions?  And keep claiming that the City Manager makes more money than the Governor?

Is your neighbor someone who would claim that the City asked voters in Troy to approve a Library millage five times when the real answer is that the city only asked once?

Is your neighbor someone who would push their political beliefs into a non-partisan, municipal election - an election that's about protecting our city’s best assets and ensuring long-term financial stability, not about being pro-life or pro-medical marijuana?

Is your neighbor someone who would use their position as a City Councilman or County Commissioner, to send letters to residents that appear to be “official” but only furthers their own political agendas? 

Is your neighbor someone who would proudly describe herself as the co-founder of the Troy Tea Party and a “true” Republican and suddenly becomes an “independent” when running for mayor?

Some of you would say that no such people live in Troy, that I must be overstating the situation.  I wish that were so.  

Up until a couple years ago, I didn’t pay much attention to governance of the city.  I never really had a need to - streets were plowed within 24 hours, there was a 7-day/week library, my toilets flushed, and drains were kept clear.  Why mess with a good thing, right?  

But, in September 2009, when the funding for the quality of life services - the library, the Nature Center, the Aquatic Center - was up in the air, I became interested - very interested - in the city's governance.  And believe me, I was ready to blame the city for poor fiscal management, greed and worse.  I went to budget study sessions and implored Council - sometimes not so politely - to keep the quality of life services in the budget.   You can imagine my anger and resentment when the budget without funding for quality of life services passed last year. 

I decided to channel my frustration into the only productive avenue possible -- I decided to learn as much as I possibly could about the city, the city’s budget, and the overall political climate of the city.  I discovered three surprising things:  

First, I discovered that the State of Michigan and all three credit agencies acknowledge Troy as a LEADER in fiscal responsibility.  I also learned that draining the fund balance to pay for quality of life venues would have been short-sighted and detrimental to the city’s long-term financial position.

Second, I discovered that there is a group of extremists in Troy who care more about furthering their own political agendas then they care about Troy.  There is no lie or myth they will not create and perpetuate to get their own way. 

Third, I discovered that I wasn't alone in my quest for truth and fact-finding and I wasn't alone in my disgust with the no-holds-barred political shenanigans.  Myself, and a group of like-minded individuals banded together just 10 months ago to form a group, called TRUST, Troy Residents Unified for a Strong Troy.  We are mothers, fathers, and grandparents.  We are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.  We are your neighbors.  Our aim is to help Troy residents collectively achieve our civic potential by advancing ideas, enabling understanding, and provoking constructive dialogue throughout the community while promoting outcomes that benefit the entire community.   Our mission is to be a respected, diverse and nonpartisan coalition that helps Troy residents collectively achieve our civic potential by advancing ideas, enabling understanding, and provoking constructive dialogue throughout the community while promoting outcomes that benefit the entire community.

I have spent much of the last two years attending and watching city council meetings.  I've spent countless hours fact-checking what the mayor, the city council members, and city staff have stated and posted on the city's website.  I've been closely observing those who speak during public comment, listening to the tone, tenor and content of what they are saying.  I have a pretty idea of who my neighbor is.....and who isn't.  

Please join me, and my TRUST colleagues, in voting for our neighbors on Novermber 8th:  ROBIN BELTRAMINI for mayor, and BRUCE BLOOMINGDALEJIM CAMPBELL, and NEIL YASHINSKY for City Council.

Troy transit center

Hey, unlike the people running for mayor and council who are against the transit center, I will admit that I don't know much about it.

Here is how Bill Cowger explains the benefits:

1. Businesses choose not to locate here because of a lack of mass transit (you can confirm the names with Brooks' team).
2.Transit investments have incredibly high returns in economic activity (4-8 times investment, which means we would be walking away from a $32-64Million in new economic development activity... at essentially no cost).
3. Governor Snyder approved the matching funds needed to improve the speed of the rail system from here to Chicago.
4. We can participate in the boon or let it all go to Royal Oak or Pontiac. I happen to like businesses locating in Troy so they pay more of our taxes.
5.. Projections show that 300 + people that currently fly will use the new terminal to get to/from Chicago in less elapsed time without being groped.
6. We didn't need an Interstate highway system when Eisenhower started it, but it provided the needed network to create the wealthiest nation on the planet.
7. Troy businesses on the Big Beaver corridor are craving the Transit Center to assist getting employees to/from work.
The quickest way to grow our revenue is to fill our commercial buildings, and you want to limit their ability to do that. We need leaders with vision of growth, not a vision of cuts.

Ed Kempen - Who funds him?

Well, back in 2007 when Mr. Kempen ran for city council, he pretty much funded himself.

In the filing here:

Mr. Kempen gave himself (gulp) $6,300!

Who else gave him money? Bob Gosselin and his wife gave $1,000.

Bob Gosselin seems to intend to own this city government.

Who is Ralph Savage?

Try to get to the bottom of any nefarious and injurious political action here in Troy, and you always seem to come upon the name Ralph Savage.

Ralph Savage is the only name behind the "Troy Voter Guide" that sounds so very independent, yet it only supports TCU-endorsed candidates and then LIES about those not supported by TCU.

Ralph Savage was the name behind Taxpayers for Troy in 2008 that led the fight to change Troy's city charter so city council could not raise taxes, even as revenues and property values went into freefall, which has been the basis of all the trouble in Troy in the last two years!

Ralph Savage was the name behind Troy's Taxfighting Team, which supported various candidacies of Mike Bosnic, Martin Howrylak and Bob Gosselin.

more to come...

Debate on Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Troy Mayoral and City Council Candidate's Night. The LWV TA is holding a Candidate's Night for the people running for Mayor and City Council. Come see them, ask questions, and help determine who you wish to vote for. Two people are running for one Mayoral seat; eight people are running for 3 Council seats. All terms of office are four years. The event is free and no reservations are necessary.
The program will be telecast and replayed on Community Media Network cable studios television. Dates and times to be determined. It will also be webcast on demand beginning shortly after the program is finished. Go to and click on our icon in the on-demand choices.
Also, look for our Candidate's NonPartisan Voter Guides beginning early in October at city hall, Troy library, and community center.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Troy Community Center Rooms 304 and 305
3179 Livernois (north of Big Beaver)
Troy, MI 4808

Doug Tietz - Who funds him?

Another TCU supported city council candidate is Doug Tietz. I didn't know much about him, so I looked up his old campaign finance report from 2009.
Can you tell much about a person based on who gives them money?
You decide. His backers include:

Bob Gosselin - $500
Frank Howrylak - $50
Charlie Langton - $50 - interesting to know the guy who runs all the debates in Troy gave money to this fellow

But most of his raised money came from outside of Troy -- Wow!
AT&T Michigan PAC - $100
A man in Nebraska - $300
Bill Bullard - $50 - current Oakland County Clerk who lived then in Highland, MI
David Eisenbacker - - $250 - former city council and buddy of Howrylak
Chip and Christina Englander $1,000 - of Sacramento, CA
James Fett, $200 - Pinckney, MI
John Glasnak - $150 - Livonia
Marc Schneiderjans - $1000, Lincoln NE
Michael Smith - $100, Bloomfield Hills,
Harry Stein - $250, NY

All that money from outside of Troy and from outside of Michigan...
...and he still lost...

Conservative Blog endorsement for Robin Beltramini

The Troy Michigan Blog endorses Robin Beltramini because, like Ron Paul, her politics are "too wacko."

from the blog

Troy City Council and Mayoral Endorsements

Troy Michigan Blog officially announces support for the following candidates in Troy’s upcoming election.
Ms. Beltramini is obviously a career politician when you consider her credentials.  She has prepared for a position in local politics for a number of years, and brings a breadth of experience in civic service and government, but TMB won’t hold that against her.
Unfortunately, there are only two candidates available for selection for mayor, and Ms. Beltramini’s opponent, TCU endorsed Janice Daniels, like Congressman Ron Paul, recognizes that Libertarian politics is just too whacko for the mainstream voter.  Daniels, like Paul, has permeated the Republican Party’s political membrane to try and rebrand herself as a conservative Republican.  But in the end, if you walk like a duck, talk like a duck, and quack like a duck, you’re a duck.  Now, in all fairness, Daniels of late has declared herself independent of political ideology, but really now, there’s nothing independent about any of the politics that’s going on in Troy lately, so wash that purported independent stance down with a good slug of strong coffee.
Ms. Beltramini is the sensible of the two choices.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fleming endorses Robin Beltramini

Although TCU fans praised Wade Fleming and Martin Howrylak at last night's city council meeting, especially a very uncharacteristically sweet Ms. Daniels, City Councilman Wade Fleming has apparently chosen to pass over TCU leader Janice Daniels and support Robin Beltramini for mayor.

I just received a mailer at my home where the Councilman is quoted as saying, "We need Robin Beltramini, period. We need to put an end to the infighting and get our city back on track."

Who worked to save Troy Public Library?

TRUST came together as a multi-partisan group of people who wanted to save our library and wanted to save Troy.

The current candidates who worked to save the library are:
Robin Beltramini
Bruce Bloomingdale
Neil Yashinsky and
Jim Campbell
Karl Scmidt (school board candidate)
          Amin Hashmi

Those who worked tirelessly to defeat the saving of the library were:
Janice Daniels
Martin Howrylak
Ed Kempen
Deb DeBacker
Dave Henderson
Cristian Teodoritis (school board candidate)

Who else?

Collateral Damage - TCU boldly lies about Allen D'Aoust

Click the image above.

It comes from the Troy Voter Guide referenced here before. It's been marked up by City Council Candidate Allen D'Aoust.

Mr. D'Aoust is a victim of the negative cancer of campaigning tactics that has destroyed this city.

Mr. D'Aoust is collateral damage, unfortunately. A staunchly conservative voice, he's not the RIGHT kind of Conservative for certain other supporters of candidates in this election.

I won't be voting for Mr. D'Aoust this time around because we disagree on one major issue that I cannot overlook. That's just my one sticking point. I think we all have those.

But he is an honorable man...full of integrity and desire to work for the betterment of this city in many ways.

If you are looking for a conservative choice whose beliefs align with yours, give this man a look -- see his candidate questionnaire here (clicky).

If for no other reason, look because he's being maligned so viciously and wrongfully that he deserves your consideration.

Friends of Janice Daniels

(reprinted from last spring)

If Troy residents aren't mad yet, they will be after reading this! Meet Glenn Clark--Troy’s dirty politician

Fighting against the lies and dirty tricks of the TCU, Bob Gosselin and Glenn Clark are exhausting. Trust me and the hundreds of people who tried to save the library last fall.
Many people know how dirty these people’s hands are. 
Last February, on a Troy political blog, one person commented anonymously, “I am a Republican and am embarrassed by the likes of Glenn Clark and the rest of his bully cronies!”
Another anonymous respondent replied the way most people do when we say these folks are unethical--claiming Glenn Clark is simply the “Conservative boogie-man of choice for local RINOs.” [RINO means Republicans In Name Only and is the way far-right wingers, likeJanice Daniels, refer to normal, non-extreme Republicans.]
Well, Mr. Clark has finally been caught red-handed for the unethical political operator that he is. What he did may even surprise Troy residents, who are getting pretty used to dirty tricks.
But real quick…who is Glenn Clark? He was the Vice Chair of Troy’s Board of Zoning Appeals. He was the Chairman of the 9th Congressional District Republican Party. He is a founder of the Oakland County Tea Party. In the 1990s he was the Director of the Michigan Christian Coalition and not too long ago he was on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners with his pal Bob Gosselin. He also has a police complaint filed against him for roughing up a female Republican activist at a Tea Party meeting.
What was he caught doing? He lied in a campaign. He lied big and dirty.
In the Jan. 24, 2011  Oakland Press – by Chad Selweski.
“In a rare move, former state Rep. Kim Meltzer has admitted in writing that her campaign lied about the legislative record of an opponent, Leon Drolet, during the hotly contested 2010 state Senate campaign in north Macomb’s 11th District.”
Who was Meltzer’s campaign manager? Glenn Clark. What did they lie about?
Among the many pieces of nasty literature that blanketed the district were fliers from Meltzer’s camp that falsely claimed that while in the House Drolet had introduced legislation to legalize gay sex in public places. Meltzer said on Monday that she was unaware of the content of the flier and did not approve it ahead of time.”
Drolet and Meltzer issued the following joint statement regarding the lawsuit’s settlement:
“A piece of campaign literature distributed by the Meltzer for state Senate campaign contained statements about Leon Drolet’s legislative record that are not true and were unapproved by state Rep. Kim Meltzer.
The campaign literature falsely stated that ‘Drolet co-sponsored a bill that would have allowed sexual acts between homosexuals in public places, public parks and public restrooms — exposing our children to that filth.’
“In fact, Leon Drolet did not introduce or support legislation that would allow such acts or homosexual gross indecency in public places, as was inaccurately stated in the campaign literature. False statements contained in the campaign literature were not approved by state Rep. Kim Meltzer. A countywide apology to both Leon Drolet and the residents in the 11th District was submitted and printed in a local paper dated Aug. 12, 2010. All matters pertaining to this issue are hereby fully resolved with any and all financial settlements undisclosed.”
And who was the filthy politician in the story? 

Troy’s own Glenn Clark.

The man who helped lead the fight against the Troy millage vote in February, 2010. The man who helped lead the fight against library-saving Proposal 1.
Drolet issued one parting shot, blaming the incident on McCarthy-like tactics by Meltzer’s campaign manager, Glenn Clark, a longtime figure in Macomb and Oakland counties’ GOP politics.
“I’m glad Kim and I amicably resolved this matter, and I believe she didn’t approve spreading lies,” said Drolet, who also served on the Macomb County Board of Commissioners. “Meltzer’s campaign consultant, Glenn Clark, has a long history of specializing in reckless, gay-oriented smears(and) ... his obsession with persecuting gay people has come to define him.”
Is it any wonder Troy residents are afraid to come forward and fight for what's right and run for office in Troy, with dirty politicians such as Clark lurking about?

Three Weeks and Counting

Three weeks...that's how much time is left until (hopefully) the worst of this battle is over in Troy.

That's right...even though the outcome may very well be the last thing I three weeks we'll KNOW the direction this city will take. It can go one of two ways:

1) Robin Beltramini will be elected, and the healing can begin. Robin is the only QUALIFIED candidate for mayor who can bridge the divide between the factions of residents in the city the way she allowed the library funding to be bridged until that issue could be decided for once and for all.

No matter the council make-up, with Robin at the helm...the ship can be righted.


2) Robin Beltramini will not be elected...and we will be subject to the constant parade of lies, inaccuracies and misinformation that has beaten us down for two solid years.

Either way, though...we'll know. And that alone is a relief to me.

Fighting this battle has taken a toll on friends and colleagues. Many of us have continuously worked for the betterment of the city for one...two...three...four...more? years with little rest in between campaign efforts, ballot questions and advocacy on community groups. The newbies amongst us (HELLO! ME!) never in a hundred years imagined how entirely invigorating and thrilling it could be...

...and at the same time? Soul-sucking and demoralizing.

Early on, a woman at council stood up and called me and at least one other speaker/advocate/writer "angry women." She took us to task because we had taken Martin Howrylak to task for...well, any number of things, I guess.

I stand by anything I've said. I'd say it again if the same behaviors continued. One thing I've NEVER been able to reconcile is dishonestly, a lack of integrity, and manipulation. So anyone who practices any of that heard about it from me -- and will continue to hear it.

I've spoken the truth...I've shed light on the misdeeds of others -- held a mirror up for them so they can see what they truly are and have done. That cannot be easy for them. But it isn't WRONG to have done's not dishonest to bring those transgressions to light.

As far as my outward demeanor? It's been a LONG time since I stood at the council podium angry. For one thing, my daughters asked me why I didn't smile when I spoke. So I either tried not to speak when I was most upset, or I tried to find the positive to highlight with a pleasant look upon my face.

Thankfully, as the summer wore on, I had A LOT to be positive about.

But last night...last night, I was beyond the anger...beyond being able to look for the positive...beyond being able to smile much about what is happening here.

Last night I was sick...nauseous, actually...ill. The negativity, the lies, and the outright disrespect shown at the council meeting by citizens of this city toward council members, other citizens and...well...ME...was nauseating. Really no better way to say it.

I couldn't even bring myself to look at -- much less make eye contact with or speak to -- some of the attendees of the meeting last night. The duplicitous behavior turned my stomach. Whether it was the sickly sweet, smarmy self-righteousness or the "aw, shucks, we're all friends!" fakery, I'll never know. But I spent most of the meeting praying I wouldn't l wouldn't lose dinner right there in public.

Frankly, I didn't even park where I normally do once I saw the car of one of the worst offenders. I parked on the police station side of City Hall, knowing I'd not only be safer in general, but safe from running into or having to face them in person.

And then the parade of insults dare 'angry women' come up and speak in public about wrongdoings they dare a citizens group advocate for a dare ANYONE besmirch the name of Martin Howrylak who nearly single-handedly has decimated our council process and reputation.

How dare we, indeed. It was so much simpler for everyone when there was no organized rebuttal to the constant onslaught of trickery, wasn't it? We just walked like lambs to slaughter into this mess, and we nearly let it kill us.

It's a shame. Were it not for extreme political views and zealous desire to inflict them on the entire city, I'm sure there are many redeeming qualities in the people responsible for the mess. But the behavior this process has unleashed in them cannot be reconciled by me...not right now. Perhaps someday...but tell lies about me, about TRUST/Save Troy this many times, manipulate my words and the words of council members, city administration and the Mayor for personal benefit this many times...well, you'll have some penance to do before I can respect you.

Hopefully, that penance can start in three weeks, no matter the outcome.

Three weeks...three weeks to continue fighting to save Troy.

During that time, please do me a favor if you are as yet undecided. Please Google the names of ALL candidates and read as much as you can. Please verify and fact-check anything you hear about them FROM ANYONE.

Please give your city THREE WEEKS of due diligence.

We so desperately need your three weeks to SAVE TROY.

Dave Lambert says...


Be Skeptical About Troy City Election Flyers

It's once again campaign season. For the next few weeks, Troy voters will be inundated with campaign literature. Unfortunately, some of this literature bends the truth.

A group calling itself "Troy Voter Guide" has mailed out the flyer pictured below to some Troy voters. It's an example of deceptive political advertising.

First, it looks like it was produced by Right-to-Life. However, if you look closely at the language in the flyer, you'll notice that there is nothing on the literature that says these candidates have been endorsed by Right to Life.

Second, one would assume that if other candidate names do not appear then they must not be pro-Life. However, I know for a fact that one candidate is pro-Life but his name does not appear in the flyer.

Thanks to Keep Troy Strong for bringing this flyer to my attention.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Janice Daniels accusation

Our extreme-mayor-wannabe wrote this in July
""it is unfortunate that the tax and spend crowd not only bases their entire argument on legitimate emotion (none of us want our library to close, all of us love for children to have an opportunity to spend time in the library - I spent the best days of my youth at the library) rather than having any legitimate data to refute the FACTS that Troy Citizens United is presenting but they continue to character assassin anyone who disagrees with them."
I won't address her sudden concern about the library, as she made many jokes about how very unimportant libraries are, but I will mention just this one fact about TCU-style "facts," which I have been attacking for about 1 year now, because TCU "facts" are generally not true. Janice Daniels is a leader of TCU, and still has these lies on her website.

1. They claim below that Troy's city manager's salary is more than the governor. This is a blatant lie. At about 130k, the city mgr's salary is below the gov's. His receives a pension but no benefits, which was the deal he made with city council, because it was cheaper than giving him benefits. This is a lie that has captured the imagination of many people, hence, full-knowing that it is a lie, they leave it on their website.

 2. "Beautification" Project at Big Beaver and Rochester Road   Cost: $2,500,000

If Ms. Daniels still doesn't know that these funds came through the state and the DDA, not the council, and could not have been spent on the library AND that if the DDA had not used the funds they would have returned to the state, well, she is not competent to run the city government, because she doesn't understand it even as well as I do. So, is she either lying or incompetent.

3.  $6.2 million for the Transportation Center
This is another lie or a lack of understanding on TCU/Daniels part that they repeated over and over, even though they knew it wasn't true. Most of 9 million dollars that would go into the transportation center comes from state and federal funding which will go elsewhere if we don't use it for that one and only purpose. The city set aside a tiny fraction of the amount they still claim, and it hasn't been spent yet. 

These are just three of oh so many untruths she has told over the past year-and-a-half. Perhaps it doesn't help Ms. Daniels much to have people like me point out that she doesn't tell the truth, but it is not character assassination. It's just simple fact.

Dave Henderson just doesn't get it..., Part 2,059

Dave wrote this today
"the current council voted three times to put the tax increase on a ballot. The biggest concern is whether it should have even been put to the people at all IMHO."
Let's see, then. Anyone following Troy city politics knows that all of his friends at TCU -- Janice Daniels, Papa and Marty Howrylak, Ed Kempen and Oakland County Political Boss Bob Gosselin (termed by some as the "Oakland County Taliban") -- are the ones who forwarded and got passed an initiative that gives the people of Troy the RIGHT to vote taxes up or down. It happened in 2008, Dave. Look it up. Your friends made it so.

So Dave Henderson believes the people should NOT have that right? I thought y'all were about rights and the Constitution and all. So, now you are against the new voting rights we got in 2008? You think it will be your job to diminish the voting rights of the people?

Some leader.

But that makes you like Howrylak, doesn't it? He fought for that 2008 city charter change then he voted against every opportunity for the people to have the right to vote. 

So the truth is, TCU is not about respecting the people and letting them control their destiny. They are anti-tax and anti-tax only. Pennies and dollars are the only things that matters to you extremists, even above the rights of the people.

Shame on all of you.