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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The TCU Wants More Taxes on Seniors!

[First in a series of candidate endorsements by Sue...views expressed are solely those of Sue's and not of any other individual, group or organization. We do recognize, however, that you probably would agree with Sue if you have common sense.]

Did that title catch your attention?

I bet your are wondering how that can be possible, since the TCU has marketed themselves as being the SOLE guardians of your tax dollars here in Troy. They oppose every rational argument for any millage increase that has come up over the last decade or so in Troy, and they made sure in 2008 to cap our city millage rate to prevent any council from raising our taxes without our approval.

But remember...our council hadn't raised that rate since 1996.

Yet no reason for an increase in city revenue from property tax has been good enough for them to support, and their only answer to any shortfall, hardship or inadequacy in the budget is to cut, cut, cut.

The main thing they want to cut is someone's pay.

And the main reason any one of them will usually give for cutting pay?

Because they don't like that anyone else makes more money than they do or has better benefits than they have.

It's a very narrow field of vision through which these folks see life. Remember that.

So it gives me pause to see them all of a sudden calling out city council candidate Neil Yashinsky for leading a recall effort on Sen. John Pappageorge. You might recall Troy resident Pappageorge as the SUPER ASTUTE and VERY SENSITIVE politician who urged Troy residents to go seek a library card for some free summertime family fun. (Clicky)

Good one, Senator, that didn't sting at all.

Pappageorge also supports Gov. Snyder's budget plan to tax our senior citizens' pensions and retirement savings and to cut funding to our children's education. TCU types like and support Pappageorge. Therefore, they must support taxing seniors. And gosh, they must hate kids, too. After all, we already know they don't like libraries, and if they support Pappageorge and Snyder, they hate schools.

I would HAVE to reach that conclusion if you thought like a TCU member, supporter or candidate. That's the only kind of logic they know and use...see the next paragraph for proof.

Yashinsky is a registered Democrat. In the eyes of TCU, that's the ONLY thing you need to know about him. As I said yesterday, TCU thinking is very one-dimensional. Democrat means tax lover which means ENEMY. It doesn't matter what that particular Democrat actually believes...all that matters to TCU is the label.

In fact, if you stand next to a Democrat, TCU thinks you are one, too, and then they hate you as well. 'Cause you rubs off or something. BE VERY AFRAID!!!

So yes, Yashinsky led the recall effort against Pappageorge. He started that battle before he knew he wanted to run for Troy City Council, and he knows it might hurt him in the eyes of some voters. But you know what? He stands by his convictions.

He started that battle because he cares about ALL of Michigan's citizens, not just the ones who agree with him.

He cares about ALL of Michigan's citizens, from the youngest to the oldest.

Neil Yashinsky is an advocate for every one of us in Troy. He can think on MANY dimensions, he can see the bigger picture, and he can look beyond a narrow field of vision that only focuses on his own finances.

Neil Yashinsky belongs on our city council. Vote for Neil on November 8 if you like your pension or children.

But more importantly, vote for Neil if you love Troy.

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