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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On Anger...

I found a great quote yesterday: He who angers you conquers you -- Elizabeth Kenny

And I'll admit...several political players in this town DO anger me. I was very angry and stayed that way for MONTHS after the proposal to form an independent library in Troy failed. It failed in great part because those political players tampered with the democratic process. They lied, they cheated, and they stole a chance for our library to be strong again.

Yes, I stayed VERY angry from Nov. 2010 until about February or March when the grassroots group TRUST -- and their offshoot ballot committee Save Troy -- got underway.

I was so angry that I often sat and pounded at my keyboard day after day, churning out diatribes that, while certainly rooted in truth and honorable in the attempt to share it with those who needed it, eventually ate away at my soul. Several new friends and I would stand at the podium at city council meetings and share some of these thoughts with the viewing audience. We were dubbed, amusingly, "the angry women."

Even my kids noticed. "Mom, whenever you are on TV, you are SCARY. You seem so mad!" And really...who would know better than them, right?

Sometime about February or March, I was able to channel anger into action. We had a job to do...we had to save that library and set the record straight on all the inaccurate messaging the TCU was flinging around.

We had a job to do and WE GOT IT DONE. Not only that, we changed the conversation in Troy.

We went from being buried in disingenuous negativity to positive redirection of information and resources.

Anger produced those results. Angry women change the world. The trick is to know when to stop wallowing in it and to start channeling it for good.

So it's true...anger can can conquer those who seek to destroy. So when you see a particular post here that seems angry? Don't worry. Great things are about to happen again!

Get angry with me...SAVE TROY!

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