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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Highly UNqualified

There's a term used in education these days. In order to maintain or be hired for a job, one must be "highly qualified" in the subjects one wishes to teach.

That represents a combination of certifications and credit hours from accredited universities.

Unfortunately, to be a politician, there is no standard measurement. Anyone can run for office, and unfortunately...sometimes just ANYONE can be elected.

In Troy, we're unfortunate to have someone HIGHLY UNQUALIFIED attempting to take hold of our democratic process in order to fulfill her narrow-minded agenda. Her name is Janice Daniels.

Now, I have no doubt that Ms. Daniels is qualified in many things. She speaks very quickly and passionately, and she can tailor a message to three or five minutes on any given council meeting evening. She can contradict and twist her own words better than almost anyone I've ever seen to match whatever argument best suits her purpose. And she can write verbose editorials.

That, in fact, seems to be chief in her mind as qualification for Mayor of Troy. As listed on her website, she "has had her Guest Opinions published in The Oakland Press regularly for the past two years, which exhibits a high standard of achievement in communications."


ANYONE can have a Guest Opinion published regularly in the Oakland Press up to once a month as long as ANYONE follows the rules, keeps it under the word count, and the OP has the editorial space to run it.

I know this because I've regularly been one of those ANYONES. And frankly, that does not show any higher standard of achievement other than I followed through with conviction on a topic and sent an e-mail to the editor.

Ms. Daniels further promises to "always promote transparency, integrity and managerial excellence" if elected.

Oh, dear...where to start. I know! Let's take transparency. As my colleague has already reported here, Janice wants us to take complete leave of our senses and see her in a new light. She calls herself a POLITICAL NEWCOMER and states she's running as an INDEPENDENT.

Ummm...if THAT'S transparency, I think we're good the way things are. Thanks. Indeed, one recent morning on the new Conservative radio station WXYT, I heard her referred to as "Janice Daniels, the Tea Party Lady!" by Charlie Langton on his new talk show. Her identity is clear; independent she is NOT. Need even more proof? Check this picture out.

Oh, and integrity. Suddenly, she is the shrinking violet newcomer who couldn't POSSIBLY be partisan or prone to political trickery. We should just forget that her little community group TROY CITIZENS UNITED was responsible for the three spurious ballot measures in November. She believe in forgiveness...primarily from us to her, we must assume, for all the grievous damage she has done to our city's reputation and spirit. I guess it's ok to insult everyone and everything that is in disagreement with her personal beliefs as long as she tells us she believes in forgiveness.

Finally, managerial excellence. Hmm...well, I HAVE seen her stand and demand that the entire group of managers and directors on the city staff give up 50% of their pay effective IMMEDIATELY, so if that's what she means...yep, she's good at that. But last I checked, demeaning the very people who do the very real work of the city isn't going to garner any leader any measure of respect. She told an audience of listeners at the Town Hall for the Troy Public Library millage to have some "cheese with their whine!" if they were in support of a millage to save it. Was THAT supposed to make us respect her managerial style?

Is THAT the kind of behavior you want from your elected city leader?

No...Janice Daniels is NOT highly qualified to be our Mayor. In fact, she's not even MINIMALLY qualified. As a real estate agent, she claims to have insider information about the market, yet fails to recognize that the residential market data she is staking her forecasts on doesn't even BEGIN to shed light on the whole picture of the industrial and commercial property downturn that will CONTINUE for the next several years. She believes that plugging numbers in a mortgage payment calculator makes her qualified to balance, review and analyze municipal budgets.

She thinks the city should just hire "regular people." She spent much time at the podium scoffing at the qualifications, experience and education of our city employees, wondering why just "regular" people couldn't just do the same jobs.

There's a really good reason, actually. REGULAR PEOPLE aren't always QUALIFIED.

No...Troy residents cannot possibly consider Janice Daniels qualified to be our Mayor.

And thankfully, we have better choices

Save Robin Beltramini for Mayor.

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  1. I noticed from Janice's Facebook page that she has (or had) a Lexus ES300 for sale. It's too bad she couldn't support America and American workers by purchasing a car made in the United States.