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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Falling Flat

In today's high-intensity world, filmmakers, TV manufacturers and publishers are providing new ways of looking at things. We have digital display, high definition, 3D special effects, maybe even 4D soon...all soundly recognized as a general overall improvement to our experience.

That's because the old-fashioned, non-digital, flat, one-dimensional way of looking at things is hackneyed. Banal. Cliche.

Kind of like how Troy Citizens United (TCU) approaches every issue in our city...

They can ONLY see one dimension to anything facing us in Troy. Every issue...every move toward progress...every idea, achievement, or improvement always boils down to one thing for them: taxes. They recycle the same old mailings (with, amusingly, the same old typos)...use the same boring signs...and pull the same old tricks.

Now, I could write paragraph after paragraph about all these horribly misleading, damaging and downright despicable things TCU has said, is saying and will say until the election about taxes in Troy.

And I will...eventually...keep reading. I've got material. OH, HAVE I GOT MATERIAL.

But for now, if you could just remember a simple thing about TCU and any candidate supported by them...

The TCU candidates will stop at NOTHING to prevent a tax hike. They will repeat lie after lie...take real information and twist it out of context...intimidate citizens, voters and OTHER CANDIDATES...they will do ANYTHING to win.

The August election stopped them in their tracks. For a few weeks, they were stunned that their one dimensional trickery didn't work this time. You can bet they are mad (truly mad, in some cases) and getting angrier all the time about THAT.

Be ready.

Be diligent about researching and reading real facts.

Be willing to keep an open mind and learn about who else is running.

Be prepared to continue saving Troy.

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