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Monday, September 26, 2011

Doling It Out...

Seems we're back to the Martin Howrylak Show style of behavior at City Council Meetings. If you are unfamiliar with that reference, simply click on the name of Martin Howrylak.

And don't worry...we have just under two months of this crap left (thank you, Mr. word ever).

At tonight's meeting, there was a resolution to approve travel expenses for Councilwoman Kerwin and Councilwoman McGinnis. They will be traveling to a Michigan Municipal League convention in October.

At a previous meeting, MML Convention attendance for any council members wishing to attend was approved 7-0.

Mrs. Kerwin President of the Elected Officials' Academy within the MML and will chair a meeting at the Convention.

She is also receiving a Level III award (the highest given) on Thursday when Maureen McGinnis receives her Level I award.

One could assume that with such leadership and position within the MML, Mrs. Kerwin has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience back to the Troy City Council. One could assume that the City of Troy has benefited from her expertise over her years of service.

I wonder what things Mr. Howrylak has done to enhance the city? If anyone out there knows, please share. We'd certainly like to hear what chair he holds within the MML, or what other organizations under which he serves in a leadership or educational position.

Indeed...I'd still like to know how he earns a living...or if he does...

Back to Mrs. Kerwin. Her term as councilwoman expires in November. Until then, I certainly expect her to act like a councilperson, don't you? I still expect her to work FOR ME AND YOU in whatever way should happen to benefit us and this city.

Mr. Howrylak disagrees. He feels that because she will be out of office in November we should NOT spend money on her professional activities in October. He would like her to pay for expenses council previously approved in relation to her travel and attendance at the convention.

Ms. McGinnis is, apparently, free to attend with Mr. Howrylak's blessings over her expenses.

Mr. Howrylak's term is up in November, too.

I wonder, then...would Mr. Howrylak agree to give up the monetary stipend he earns as a councilman effective NOW? Would he give up his city council computer? How about his title of councilman than he loves to spread around with his special letters to residents? Like here, where he even set up a website for himself using a URL that would serve to make it appear the entire council endorsed him.

After all, why should HE be "on the dole," as he so eloquently put it, like Mrs. Kerwin?

Why should you and I pay one cent more for his behavior, his rancor and his narrow minded ideology?

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