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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Highly UNqualified

There's a term used in education these days. In order to maintain or be hired for a job, one must be "highly qualified" in the subjects one wishes to teach.

That represents a combination of certifications and credit hours from accredited universities.

Unfortunately, to be a politician, there is no standard measurement. Anyone can run for office, and unfortunately...sometimes just ANYONE can be elected.

In Troy, we're unfortunate to have someone HIGHLY UNQUALIFIED attempting to take hold of our democratic process in order to fulfill her narrow-minded agenda. Her name is Janice Daniels.

Now, I have no doubt that Ms. Daniels is qualified in many things. She speaks very quickly and passionately, and she can tailor a message to three or five minutes on any given council meeting evening. She can contradict and twist her own words better than almost anyone I've ever seen to match whatever argument best suits her purpose. And she can write verbose editorials.

That, in fact, seems to be chief in her mind as qualification for Mayor of Troy. As listed on her website, she "has had her Guest Opinions published in The Oakland Press regularly for the past two years, which exhibits a high standard of achievement in communications."


ANYONE can have a Guest Opinion published regularly in the Oakland Press up to once a month as long as ANYONE follows the rules, keeps it under the word count, and the OP has the editorial space to run it.

I know this because I've regularly been one of those ANYONES. And frankly, that does not show any higher standard of achievement other than I followed through with conviction on a topic and sent an e-mail to the editor.

Ms. Daniels further promises to "always promote transparency, integrity and managerial excellence" if elected.

Oh, dear...where to start. I know! Let's take transparency. As my colleague has already reported here, Janice wants us to take complete leave of our senses and see her in a new light. She calls herself a POLITICAL NEWCOMER and states she's running as an INDEPENDENT.

Ummm...if THAT'S transparency, I think we're good the way things are. Thanks. Indeed, one recent morning on the new Conservative radio station WXYT, I heard her referred to as "Janice Daniels, the Tea Party Lady!" by Charlie Langton on his new talk show. Her identity is clear; independent she is NOT. Need even more proof? Check this picture out.

Oh, and integrity. Suddenly, she is the shrinking violet newcomer who couldn't POSSIBLY be partisan or prone to political trickery. We should just forget that her little community group TROY CITIZENS UNITED was responsible for the three spurious ballot measures in November. She believe in forgiveness...primarily from us to her, we must assume, for all the grievous damage she has done to our city's reputation and spirit. I guess it's ok to insult everyone and everything that is in disagreement with her personal beliefs as long as she tells us she believes in forgiveness.

Finally, managerial excellence. Hmm...well, I HAVE seen her stand and demand that the entire group of managers and directors on the city staff give up 50% of their pay effective IMMEDIATELY, so if that's what she means...yep, she's good at that. But last I checked, demeaning the very people who do the very real work of the city isn't going to garner any leader any measure of respect. She told an audience of listeners at the Town Hall for the Troy Public Library millage to have some "cheese with their whine!" if they were in support of a millage to save it. Was THAT supposed to make us respect her managerial style?

Is THAT the kind of behavior you want from your elected city leader?

No...Janice Daniels is NOT highly qualified to be our Mayor. In fact, she's not even MINIMALLY qualified. As a real estate agent, she claims to have insider information about the market, yet fails to recognize that the residential market data she is staking her forecasts on doesn't even BEGIN to shed light on the whole picture of the industrial and commercial property downturn that will CONTINUE for the next several years. She believes that plugging numbers in a mortgage payment calculator makes her qualified to balance, review and analyze municipal budgets.

She thinks the city should just hire "regular people." She spent much time at the podium scoffing at the qualifications, experience and education of our city employees, wondering why just "regular" people couldn't just do the same jobs.

There's a really good reason, actually. REGULAR PEOPLE aren't always QUALIFIED.

No...Troy residents cannot possibly consider Janice Daniels qualified to be our Mayor.

And thankfully, we have better choices

Save Robin Beltramini for Mayor.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Doling It Out...

Seems we're back to the Martin Howrylak Show style of behavior at City Council Meetings. If you are unfamiliar with that reference, simply click on the name of Martin Howrylak.

And don't worry...we have just under two months of this crap left (thank you, Mr. word ever).

At tonight's meeting, there was a resolution to approve travel expenses for Councilwoman Kerwin and Councilwoman McGinnis. They will be traveling to a Michigan Municipal League convention in October.

At a previous meeting, MML Convention attendance for any council members wishing to attend was approved 7-0.

Mrs. Kerwin President of the Elected Officials' Academy within the MML and will chair a meeting at the Convention.

She is also receiving a Level III award (the highest given) on Thursday when Maureen McGinnis receives her Level I award.

One could assume that with such leadership and position within the MML, Mrs. Kerwin has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience back to the Troy City Council. One could assume that the City of Troy has benefited from her expertise over her years of service.

I wonder what things Mr. Howrylak has done to enhance the city? If anyone out there knows, please share. We'd certainly like to hear what chair he holds within the MML, or what other organizations under which he serves in a leadership or educational position.

Indeed...I'd still like to know how he earns a living...or if he does...

Back to Mrs. Kerwin. Her term as councilwoman expires in November. Until then, I certainly expect her to act like a councilperson, don't you? I still expect her to work FOR ME AND YOU in whatever way should happen to benefit us and this city.

Mr. Howrylak disagrees. He feels that because she will be out of office in November we should NOT spend money on her professional activities in October. He would like her to pay for expenses council previously approved in relation to her travel and attendance at the convention.

Ms. McGinnis is, apparently, free to attend with Mr. Howrylak's blessings over her expenses.

Mr. Howrylak's term is up in November, too.

I wonder, then...would Mr. Howrylak agree to give up the monetary stipend he earns as a councilman effective NOW? Would he give up his city council computer? How about his title of councilman than he loves to spread around with his special letters to residents? Like here, where he even set up a website for himself using a URL that would serve to make it appear the entire council endorsed him.

After all, why should HE be "on the dole," as he so eloquently put it, like Mrs. Kerwin?

Why should you and I pay one cent more for his behavior, his rancor and his narrow minded ideology?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On Anger...

I found a great quote yesterday: He who angers you conquers you -- Elizabeth Kenny

And I'll admit...several political players in this town DO anger me. I was very angry and stayed that way for MONTHS after the proposal to form an independent library in Troy failed. It failed in great part because those political players tampered with the democratic process. They lied, they cheated, and they stole a chance for our library to be strong again.

Yes, I stayed VERY angry from Nov. 2010 until about February or March when the grassroots group TRUST -- and their offshoot ballot committee Save Troy -- got underway.

I was so angry that I often sat and pounded at my keyboard day after day, churning out diatribes that, while certainly rooted in truth and honorable in the attempt to share it with those who needed it, eventually ate away at my soul. Several new friends and I would stand at the podium at city council meetings and share some of these thoughts with the viewing audience. We were dubbed, amusingly, "the angry women."

Even my kids noticed. "Mom, whenever you are on TV, you are SCARY. You seem so mad!" And really...who would know better than them, right?

Sometime about February or March, I was able to channel anger into action. We had a job to do...we had to save that library and set the record straight on all the inaccurate messaging the TCU was flinging around.

We had a job to do and WE GOT IT DONE. Not only that, we changed the conversation in Troy.

We went from being buried in disingenuous negativity to positive redirection of information and resources.

Anger produced those results. Angry women change the world. The trick is to know when to stop wallowing in it and to start channeling it for good.

So it's true...anger can can conquer those who seek to destroy. So when you see a particular post here that seems angry? Don't worry. Great things are about to happen again!

Get angry with me...SAVE TROY!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The TCU Wants More Taxes on Seniors!

[First in a series of candidate endorsements by Sue...views expressed are solely those of Sue's and not of any other individual, group or organization. We do recognize, however, that you probably would agree with Sue if you have common sense.]

Did that title catch your attention?

I bet your are wondering how that can be possible, since the TCU has marketed themselves as being the SOLE guardians of your tax dollars here in Troy. They oppose every rational argument for any millage increase that has come up over the last decade or so in Troy, and they made sure in 2008 to cap our city millage rate to prevent any council from raising our taxes without our approval.

But remember...our council hadn't raised that rate since 1996.

Yet no reason for an increase in city revenue from property tax has been good enough for them to support, and their only answer to any shortfall, hardship or inadequacy in the budget is to cut, cut, cut.

The main thing they want to cut is someone's pay.

And the main reason any one of them will usually give for cutting pay?

Because they don't like that anyone else makes more money than they do or has better benefits than they have.

It's a very narrow field of vision through which these folks see life. Remember that.

So it gives me pause to see them all of a sudden calling out city council candidate Neil Yashinsky for leading a recall effort on Sen. John Pappageorge. You might recall Troy resident Pappageorge as the SUPER ASTUTE and VERY SENSITIVE politician who urged Troy residents to go seek a library card for some free summertime family fun. (Clicky)

Good one, Senator, that didn't sting at all.

Pappageorge also supports Gov. Snyder's budget plan to tax our senior citizens' pensions and retirement savings and to cut funding to our children's education. TCU types like and support Pappageorge. Therefore, they must support taxing seniors. And gosh, they must hate kids, too. After all, we already know they don't like libraries, and if they support Pappageorge and Snyder, they hate schools.

I would HAVE to reach that conclusion if you thought like a TCU member, supporter or candidate. That's the only kind of logic they know and use...see the next paragraph for proof.

Yashinsky is a registered Democrat. In the eyes of TCU, that's the ONLY thing you need to know about him. As I said yesterday, TCU thinking is very one-dimensional. Democrat means tax lover which means ENEMY. It doesn't matter what that particular Democrat actually believes...all that matters to TCU is the label.

In fact, if you stand next to a Democrat, TCU thinks you are one, too, and then they hate you as well. 'Cause you rubs off or something. BE VERY AFRAID!!!

So yes, Yashinsky led the recall effort against Pappageorge. He started that battle before he knew he wanted to run for Troy City Council, and he knows it might hurt him in the eyes of some voters. But you know what? He stands by his convictions.

He started that battle because he cares about ALL of Michigan's citizens, not just the ones who agree with him.

He cares about ALL of Michigan's citizens, from the youngest to the oldest.

Neil Yashinsky is an advocate for every one of us in Troy. He can think on MANY dimensions, he can see the bigger picture, and he can look beyond a narrow field of vision that only focuses on his own finances.

Neil Yashinsky belongs on our city council. Vote for Neil on November 8 if you like your pension or children.

But more importantly, vote for Neil if you love Troy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remember these names...

The following candidates have been vetted thoroughly and are now supported by TRUST -- Troy Residents Unifed for a Strong Troy.

You know...the folks who saved our library. :)

Vote for these four individuals on Tuesday, November 8, 2011:

Robin Beltramini for MAYOR

Bruce Bloomingdale for COUNCILMAN

James Campbell for COUNCILMAN

Neil Yashinsky for COUNCILMAN

Falling Flat

In today's high-intensity world, filmmakers, TV manufacturers and publishers are providing new ways of looking at things. We have digital display, high definition, 3D special effects, maybe even 4D soon...all soundly recognized as a general overall improvement to our experience.

That's because the old-fashioned, non-digital, flat, one-dimensional way of looking at things is hackneyed. Banal. Cliche.

Kind of like how Troy Citizens United (TCU) approaches every issue in our city...

They can ONLY see one dimension to anything facing us in Troy. Every issue...every move toward progress...every idea, achievement, or improvement always boils down to one thing for them: taxes. They recycle the same old mailings (with, amusingly, the same old typos)...use the same boring signs...and pull the same old tricks.

Now, I could write paragraph after paragraph about all these horribly misleading, damaging and downright despicable things TCU has said, is saying and will say until the election about taxes in Troy.

And I will...eventually...keep reading. I've got material. OH, HAVE I GOT MATERIAL.

But for now, if you could just remember a simple thing about TCU and any candidate supported by them...

The TCU candidates will stop at NOTHING to prevent a tax hike. They will repeat lie after lie...take real information and twist it out of context...intimidate citizens, voters and OTHER CANDIDATES...they will do ANYTHING to win.

The August election stopped them in their tracks. For a few weeks, they were stunned that their one dimensional trickery didn't work this time. You can bet they are mad (truly mad, in some cases) and getting angrier all the time about THAT.

Be ready.

Be diligent about researching and reading real facts.

Be willing to keep an open mind and learn about who else is running.

Be prepared to continue saving Troy.