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Saturday, August 13, 2011

So THAT'S how they sleep at night...

All through the last year or so, I've been wondering how in the world members of the TCU and their supporters can sleep at night, given the lengths to which they will go to convince voters to side with them.

They will lie.
They will cheat.
They will do ANYTHING to avoid paying one penny more to support their fair city.

My eyes have been opened. According to one of their vocal supporters, this is why what they say can be rationalized:

Any error in ones (sic) words that do not change the meaning of an argument should be ignored, and any rebuttal of said argument should not cause a useless tangent argument--by focusing on said error-- but rather should focus on arguing against the primary premise of the argument.

For example, lets say I make the claim that the lions (sic) drafting a power running back in Mark Ingram--they actually drafted Mikel Leshore, who is also a power running back-- will be the step that turns them into a playoff team. Any response to the effect that they didn't draft "Mark Ingram" does nothing to address the premise of the argument: that being that the power running back they drafted will help them make the playoffs.

So...basically, this intellectual is saying that it's ok if you are inaccurate as long as your basic premise is correct.

Let's use that logic.

TCU fudges numbers...uses inaccurate data...sometimes even makes stuff up to say that the city is mismanaged, overspends and over-pays the employees. BUT THAT'S OK! As long as we ignore those little details and the TRUTH and just BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY...everything is great! Who cares if they publish false information? Who cares if they refuse to update their numbers to reflect reality? The city must be mismanaged because they say so, right?


Stay focused. Don't be fooled. TCU pulled out everything they had and lost...they are bound to try something else.

Vote for the candidates who believe in Troy in November. We'll help you figure out who they are, but if anything in their platform resembles TCU?



  1. Sue, did a TCU supporter really give you the example of the Lions running back? If so, good Lord, these people are more ignorant, ridiculous, (insert your own adjective) than we ever imagined! They sleep well at night because ignorance is bliss especially when you create your own "truth."

  2. What is the source of the quote from the TCU supporter?

  3. Who in God's name would even click "disagree" on this post??

  4. The source is FB, and the person who DID, in fact, use that analogy is a private user. I won't name him, but I do have a screen shot. ;)

  5. P.S. It's from the same expert who feels that children (which he defined as any individual under the age of 18) cannot understand politics, finance or economics. He further elaborated that children upset by the closing of a library were merely manipulated by their parents into feeling that way.

    I can only wish on him a child as brilliant as he is. Maybe THEN he'll see the folly of his beliefs.