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Sunday, August 7, 2011

New library NOT suggested in 2009 - Another lie!

Here's another untruth being spread in Troy by our friends who are trying to fan up the anti-government paranoia. The story goes that Schilling and Szerlag were going to build a brand new library in 2009. 
It was 2007 that this idea was hatched and Szerlag wasn't even city manager then. Also in 2007, no one knew about the recession to come. The reason they use the 2009 date is to claim that Szerlag and Schilling were fiscally irresponsible. But it's not true.
Trust me, in 2009 I was at meetings where Szerlag was saying we were facing an economic crisis and TCU was saying he was lying. He was right. They were wrong.
Then he says Schilling wanted to sell city hall? Also not true. Szerlag said it may come to pass because the building will be too small (oops) LARGE for all the staff cuts they plan to make. Schilling didn't say that at all. That IS fiscally responsible.
The below post telling all these untruths is from "Allen for Troy City Council." I still don't know if that's his first name or his last name. But I am quickly recognizing he knows NOTHING about Troy city government, but that isn't stopping him from making claims about it. 
So Mr. Allen, the city council meeting archives are here - read up!!! 

Allen for Troy Council "Let's not forget that two years ago Mayor Schilling wanted to build a new library to keep up with Rochester Hills, then three months ago she wanted to put City Hall up for sale. The people have to vote in November for the chaos to end and fiscal responsibly to begin." 26 at 11:23am via Facebook Mobile 

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  1. His name is Allen D'Aoust. Don't vote for him or Dave Henderson if you love Troy.

  2. His name is Allen D'Aoust. And it's pretty unbelievable that there is yet ANOTHER person spreading blatant untruths under a false assumption that he has all his facts straight.

  3. I'm not sure why everyone would jump on the bandwagon against the new guy. It seems Allen D'Aoust has a fresh perspective and wants to unify Troy as a whole. He is a veteran who appears to have strong leadership skills and who will remain strong in the face of adverseries. While he may be new to politics, let's give him a chance. As a Troy resident he probably wants whats best for Troy like all the rest of us.