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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Madame Mayor list of mayoral candidates:

Robin Beltramini

Janice Daniels.

You know how those who write here feel about Daniels and her brand of politics.

How about Beltramini?



  1. I think Robin would make an excellent mayor, and most likely she will be getting my vote.

  2. She confuses me. She's a little wishy-washy. But she'd be a billion times better at that job than Janice Daniels.

  3. My first and most striking impressions of Councilwoman Beltrmini is she is professional, serious, patient, diligent and above all, adores the city, politics included, good and bad. She also is not always on my side of the fence on topics. Yet I believe her to be fully invested in the future of Troy, MI. Invested in mind, body and spirit.

  4. I do not know Robin Beltramini personally, but I have been watching her for the past year on council. She seems to be a very intelligent, caring person.It appears she tries to see both sides of each issue and is not afraid to disagree if she has a strong opinion on something. It appears that she does try to look for solutions to problems and tries to at least get some discussion going on touchy subjects. She doesn't seem to take the "my way or no way" attitude. That said, I have seen her do things in council meeting that I was uncomfortable with. I think / hope she will do a good job as Mayor.

  5. Beltramini knows how to run a meeting. I've seen her sit in as mayor pro-tem, and she doesn't mess around. I like that. According to her campaign materials and facebook page she has great experience (almost all voluntary), and is genuinely interested in making Troy a great place to live and work.

    According to Janice Daniels campaign materials and facebook page, she has a son in the marines and hates taxes.