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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Look who is running for mayor

We have saved the library.
And now the person who worked perhaps the hardest of all to guarantee CLOSURE of Troy's library -- Janice Daniels -- is running for mayor. Not city council, mind you, mayor.
Like anyone with delusions of grandeur, our Libertarian leader in Troy doesn't think she should first have some idea about how our city works. First to snatch the microphone at every blasted city council meeting, like a bad singer at Karaoke Night, this kookoo-berry proves how very little she knows about everything.
However, not knowing about or understanding Troy city government has not stopped her from having endless guest opinion pieces in the Oakland Press, like the ones described here or the one here, in which she tells Republicans how they must think.
This is one kooky ideologue. She wants to lay-off the staff and make Troy a part-time city. How good will THAT be for growing much-needed business investment in Troy?
Now that we have saved Troy from the brink of disaster, let's not go back there. We need positive leadership with rational ideas.

Click on Janice Daniels on the right side of our front page to see some of her greatest snits.

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