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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Janice Daniels' Extreme Makeover

When I first became aware of the politics that were tearing Troy apart, I was smacked in the face by the group TCU -- Troy Citizens United. This was in February of 2010 when they were fighting viciously AGAINST a millage increase that would have preserved Troy as the city that was known and respected throughout the area.
The only reason we had to vote on that millage increase was because the same TCU had pushed through a City Charter Amendment in 2008 that said Troy residents have to make every millage increase decision. And what did that bad policy create? The need for all these millage votes by the people. And who complains about all these votes? TCU, the folks who made it happen (including Mr. Kempen, who is running for city council).
And when I asked a member of TCU why TCU had lied and said that the advisory board I was on had supported a No vote on the millage, the man said, "That's how the game is played." 
Nice folks, eh?
As I began trying to help save the library, I recognized that the single shrillest, most partisan, most divisive and most negative voice in Troy was TCU leader and Troy Area Tea Party founder Janice Daniels. She is someone who gets all of her facts and numbers wrong and doesn't really care. She is an aggressive anti-Democrat, anti-moderate Republican (who wrote that RINOs need to change their ways to be allowed back into the party) and is so ridiculously extreme, that she refuses to allow anyone to describe America or its system "Democratic." 
I remember once talking at city council about the importance of the library to my children. Janice Daniels then made fun of me for "pulling at people's heartstrings" by talking about children and libraries. Apparently she didn't see a connection. She also said people considering moving to Troy didn't care about a library, only about taxes.
Daniels only cares about taxes and thinks that is how everyone else must feel, too. But as a mother of two elementary kids I can tell you taxes pay for stuff like books and education and snow plowing and public safety. Janice Daniels may want to live in a part time town, but I don't.
But here's the rub.
Now that Janice Daniels is running for mayor, she is trying to exorcise all the evil intent she has shown over the past two years. We who know her tricks were fascinated that at the city council meeting following her defeat in trying to close the Troy Public Library, she said it was time for forgiveness. Apparently she meant we should forgive HER. And not only does she expect forgiveness, she expects us to buy into her new makeover. She is no longer the extreme, shrill, anti-moderate Republican politician that she has long claimed to be. No. Now Janice Daniels is a "political newcomer" and an "independent" and apparently, no longer a leader of the local Tea Party.
The Oakland Press says she "is active with Troy Citizens United." 
"Active"? Daniels is a spokesperson of this group that is destroying our city and pitting neighbors against one another. The Oakland Press also did not mention that she is founder of the Troy Area Tea Party. How come? Perhaps because the Tea Party is losing some of its luster?
The Troy Times says she is "a self-described independent." How convenient. When I think of independents, I think of people who believe that both of our major parties are too extreme and thus they come down in the middle. That is NOT Janice Daniels. Daniels is so extreme that she cannot find a party extreme enough, thus she had to join TCU and found the Troy Area Tea Party. 
Read some of our past articles on Janice Daniels, mostly based on her own words in countless goofy Op-Ed pieces she wrote herself. Here's a line from one: "We do not need a full service, 40 hours a week city hall." This woman would put the Troy in des-TROY.
Don't let her do it.
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  1. This is just typical Janice Daniels. Lie, misinform, twist the truth to get what you want. I think the big surprise will come in November when Ms. Daniels is defeated and has to face the fact that Troy is no longer impressed with her antics. I think it will be fun to see what she says about her opponent (Robin Beltramini) during this election process, since Daniels has historically counted Beltramini as one of the "three" who were the "good" council people. Should be fun.

  2. I have a hard time understanding how Ms. Daniels can call herself independent when she is an elected precinct delegate for the Republican party. She signed a letter urging people to vote no on the library millage. Under her name, she was described as "precinct delegate". So was Mr. Kempen. At the Oakland County Clerk website, you can look up the precinct delegates. They are both registered republicans. If you are an elected official, can you call yourself independent? I guess you CAN, since she is doing that. However, just like many other things she says, it is not true!