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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Identifying Political Party Members...or the TCU Playbook on Calling Names

What I've learned through the whole campaign for the library is that political labels mean A WHOLE LOT to some people. In fact, for some...the label is the ONLY thing that matters.

Others individuals are more interested in the issues, facts and details...tres gauche, non?

Based on my research, then, I've attempted to provide you all with a simple list of identifying characteristics for the political parties so that you can properly identify yourself. Please note these characteristics are based on information given to me (spewed at me...) by the Troy Citizens United and their supporters, including Mayoral Hopeful Janice Daniels and Council Member Wannabe Dave Henderson and more...

You might be a Liberal (a.k.a. a Democrat, tax-and-spender or the spawn of Satan) if...

-- you support public libraries
-- you voted yes to raise your own taxes on August 2 to support a public library
-- you are happy to raise your family in a culturally diverse city full of people who make use of a library
-- you recognize that renters pay taxes indirectly through their rent payments and have every bit as much a right to vote as you do
-- you are interested in factual and up-to-date information and financial figures
-- you make decisions based on factual and up-to-date information and financial figures
-- you don't believe that payroll tax and FICA should be called "perks" of a job
-- you call things like your 401K, IRA's and other retirement savings your SAVINGS and not your SLUSH FUND
-- you believe that individuals are due a salary commensurate with their level of experience, education and training
-- you know your millage rate and you recognize that it's lower than other comparable cities surrounding you
-- you know what the DDA is and recognize that YOUR TAX MONEY DOES NOT FUND IT.
-- you have not only actually eaten at might have liked it
-- you like a city to plant flowers and cut the grass on medians and in parks
-- you recognize the talents and intelligence of children under the age of 18
-- you actually CAN use a calculator and DO know how to figure out percentages
-- you know what crap is and are not afraid to call someone out for flinging it
-- you know that when a city receives less revenue, makes cuts and STILL can't provide you with adequate's time to pony up

You might be a Conservative (a.k.a. a Republican, Tea Partier or the only anointed ones with powers to perceive and understand information) if...

-- you would purposely campaign to close a library
-- you tell voters at the polls that if they vote yes to support a library millage, senior citizens in Troy will have to eat cat food because they won't be able to afford real food anymore (true story...overheard by a campaign volunteer as spewed by a NO-sign holding hero)
-- you believe that renters' votes don't count
-- you think the library is used by too many people from other countries who don't look like you
-- you believe that everyone on the city payroll is overpaid
-- you define "overpaid" as meaning "makes more than me"
-- you believe that everyone on the city payroll has "Cadillac benefits"
-- you define "Cadillac benefits" as "better than mine"
-- you believe that because you have had a job loss or loss of income everyone else should suffer to the degree you have or they have not suffered enough
-- you think "regular people" can do all the same jobs as the professionals on the city payroll without the same education, experience and training. For example, throwing one's hair up in a bun and taking some training classes would qualify you to run the library (thank you, Mr. Henderson, that's one of my favorites)
-- you recognize that any child under the age of 18 cannot understand finance, economics or politics
-- you like to "shock and awe" residents with columns of numbers that don't add up, are two years old and are manufactured to produce gasps
-- you believe that the more times you repeat a lie, the more believable it becomes
-- you believe that even though your city's revenue has fallen drastically and they've cut budgets, payroll and positions to a point of being unsustainable...they should still make it work like it always has with less and less

I trust that has helped enlighten you as to the reliability of the TCU and their labeling system. Be sure to identify which candidates campaign like the so-called Conservatives and then cast your vote FOR ANYONE BESIDES THEM...


  1. You might be a Conservative if you believe that an outdoor skating rink is what Troy needs to create a “friendlier business climate." (Thanks, Janice Daniels, that was one of my favorites)

  2. Sue: Please don't lump all Republicans in with the TEA Party and TCU lot. Lot's of us "Moderate" Republicans supported the library and the millage vote, but we do not support the TEA Party, TCU or Troy-Clawson Republican Forum CRAP they propose!

  3. This is yet another wonderful post. Honest, concise, and informative.

  4. Or, you may be a liberal if you take life so seriously as to mistake sarcasm for reality. All this is pretty funny if you know the context that many of the above statements were actually delivered in... but that doesn't matter to you because some of us are "too dumb" to know anything, and should simply "move from Troy" to keep from bothering you. Keep slinging it sister. What you print is worse than anything I've ever stated. I am at least willing to pitch in and do something about it, you chose to sit on the sidelines and simply sling mud. Best wishes with that.

  5. I don't think Sue meant to claim people are one way or another -- these are the stereotypes constantly shoved down our throats by extremists.

  6. Remember, this is a description AS STATED BY TCU. I, of course, would never make such narrow-minded generalizations. Also, if Mr. Henderson truly feels that his open-mouth-show-ignorance posting on FB and then running for office on a whim is truly "doing something about it," more power to him. I am 100% secure in the power of my efforts for this city and what they have accomplished so far. I challenge him to do the same...or better.

  7. PS: it's extremely disingenuous to have spent the last 9 months denigrating everyone who supported the library and this city only to NOW claim we don't realize "the context that many of the statements were delivered in." I fully recognize the context: you were telling me I was an idiot for supporting the millage. You called our mayor "Schilldog" and called for Mr. Szerlag's dismissal because you disagreed with his findings. You found treachery behind every corner, and you spoke of rumor and supposition in every breath.

    You cannot take it all back now and say it was in the spirit of debate. Sorry. Life doesn't work that way. You tore this city down, and now you expect people to vote for you? Not if I can help it.

  8. And he frequently called the fine officers in the Troy police department "Troyboys"

  9. I wonder why someone who seems to dislike the city of Troy, most of the residents in Troy and who singlehandedly has turned so many families against moving to Troy, wants to be mayor? And yes, if you dislike everything about Troy then why not move? We don't need people pitching in to destroy the city. Create your meyhem elsewhere.