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Monday, August 1, 2011

Howrylak's latest "October surprise"

When will the people of Troy understand that Martin Howrylak is not the nerdy little boy scout they think he is?
Rather he is an extremist hell-bent on destroying Troy.
I have been watching him for nearly two years and he is not looking out for our best interests. If he were he wouldn't have lied about Proposal 1 last fall, saying in his last-minute letter than we would have to buy a new building and books if it passed. That was a lie. And there were many more.
His current last-minute letter is full of more lies and distortions. 
And now HE is using the word "slush fund" to describe funds that are reserved for use over the next 3 years and kept for emergencies? That is the language of yucky Bob Gosselin.
Why is the idea that we would want to save our library and have dedicated funding to protect it such a disgusting idea to these people? 
Anyway, here are Howrylak's latest lies.


  1. It's quite telling that so far...the biggest complaint TCU and their minions have is that this person used a pink marker to edit.

    No defense of the 'fact.'


  2. The editor of this letter knows how to edit. Hire them. Already on the team? Keep them and keep them happy! @Sue maybe they like pink marker. Or they see it as red, like my eyes do, and like that color too? Naw. You are right, no defense. I did not get this letter this time around. Maybe the budget was cut. Maybe we were cut due to an email complaining of the first round.