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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The damned transit center

Dave Henderson opens a post this way on July 26:
Troy has $ 9.2 million dollars in the 2011 budget for the transit center that even Birmingham has backed out of. $ 9.2 million would keep the library open at the new rate this millage is asking for 3 years, see the complete budget here.
Then when people explain over and over, as we have been since May of 2010, that those federal and state dollars can NOT be used for the library, Dave writes this on August 3:
"I stand corrected, I've been on no less than 4 sites talking about this with some of the posters above, this is more or less a continuous conversatiopn carried out on several fronts. To be clear, the funds are federal funds that can't be reallocated toward a library..." 
Just want to post that now, as I'm guessing he and his friends will continue claiming the transit center money could be allocated elsewhere throughout the election period.
Janice Daniels loves to say we never back up what we say about their numbers being false. You know, when people tell you they see little martians and unicorns, it's kinda hard to disprove it.


  1. Thank you for documenting that, Sharon. Better do a screen dump of it, too. He has a nasty habit of deleting posts in which he is proven wrong.

  2. Funny stuff... you selected a post to end with that had nothing to do with the first post. It in fact was a response to Matts post, and had nothing to do with my original post. You seekers of truth and trust crack me up, and no one can do anything about it since you have full editing rights and your hand on the delete button as well. Incidentally, I don't delete things even when you assume they're wrong. I have however extracted myself from discussions when dirt bags like Matt start putting my personal information with inflammatory rhetoric out there. Funny how you embrace the tactics you despise so much.

    Dave Henderson

  3. Dave, you mean that was NOT a retraction of the lie you began with? Those two quotes are completely related. 1st you said: "$ 9.2 million would keep the library open at the new rate this millage is asking for 3 years, see the complete budget here." Then you wrote, a week later, "To be clear, the funds are federal funds that can't be reallocated toward a library..." --- If you weren't talking about the 9.2 in federal and state money that had been dedicated to the library, then what WERE you talking about?
    Does that mean you still don't know that transit center money, if not used on the transit center, will go back to the fed?
    Read up, for goodness sake!
    By the way, as you recall, I have removed Matt's posts from this site.
    I swear, Dave, if you ever get a clue and start telling the truth about Troy I will be the first to defend you. But sorry, you are lying and destablizing my kids' hometown, and I don't have to defend you for that. I have to go against you if we are ever to put an end to the lying and misinformation campaigns you keep trotting out.

  4. This is so long ago, sorry I missed it. No I'm not backing away from anything I've posted. Here's my point. Back in November 2009 (before Obama bucks came into the picture for the transit center), the city was telling us all that we needed a tax hike (without irrefutable proof mind you as stated by Robin). Without a tax hike, the library would close, police and fire would fall to unsafe levels, the nature center and the community center were in peril. All the while, the transit center costing 9 Million dollars was being pushed through the system, damn the torpedos. Somewhere I think it was January (one month before the election on the 1.9 mils), the feds came up with funding for the transit center. This was going to be done whether the citizens of Troy paid for it or not... yet we couldn't keep a library open in a $ 145 million dollar a year annual budget? Sharon, it's all timing with me. They were fortunate the feds came up with the money or that transit center would have been mothballed like it should be anyway. Again, there were at the time of this posting at least four different places in the blogosphere that I was talking about the transit center. You and others are artful at reading what you want out of a single post... the internet is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to communications. I can cut and paste a lot of what TRUST and others have written to make you all sound like really bad people. I know thats not the case and no one is out to destroy anything for your kids... I have grandkids that live here in Troy... What sort of devil do you think I am if I'm literally trying to ruin a city for four of the greatest kids on the planet? I know you choose to believe otherwise, but I'm a one man show with my own beliefs and expectations of how our government needs to serve us... Not how we need to serve our government. Lying no, very busy talking to so many more people and outlets than you can imagine... yes. Picking just one part of the whole story to tell yours, one could throw the L word your way too... we all know how this works.


  5. No matter how many times you imply it, the 9 million could never go toward the library and the library isn't funded out of a $145 million budget.
    I wish you knew something about our city government besides that you don't like taxes and you think something sinister is going on. You are not studying very hard. Such lazy thinking before the election doesn't bode well for an outcome that includes you.